• What is Roblox?

    One of the world’s most popular metaverse gaming platform, that allows users to play games created by other users. In this virtual world, create an account and an avatar to enter CapitaVerse in Singapore Wanderland with other users and immerse yourself in a journey of discovery and real-world privileges with CapitaLand malls.

  • What equipment or software do I need to visit CapitaVerse in Singapore Wanderland on Roblox?

    Roblox is available to iOS devices (iOS 11.0+), Android devices (Android 5.0+) and Amazon Fire OS devices. For the best user experience on Roblox, newer device models, a good stable internet connection and adequate battery life are recommended.

    • Apple: Supported iOS devices must be running iOS version 11 or higher to use Roblox. Device models older than the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPod Touch (7th generation), and iPad Air 2 commonly struggle to run many experiences without lag spikes or other issues.
    • Android: All Android devices running Android version 5 or higher and supporting at least OpenGL ES 3.0 are supported by Roblox. Older or lower-end devices commonly struggle to run many experiences without lag spikes or other issues.

    Due to the limited capabilities of many mobile devices, in-experience graphics on mobile editions of Roblox are comparable to lower graphics settings on the desktop client. On all mobile devices, the experience will not run at full resolution; instead, it will run at quarter resolution to reduce stress on the graphics processor.

  • What should I do if I encounter technical issues in Roblox?

    Fret not! For any troubleshooting:

    Visit here for Roblox’s generic support or here for Roblox’s tech-related support.

  • How to sign up for a new Roblox account?

    New account registration only takes a few steps; select a username by keeping any personal information like your real name confidential.

    1. After launching the Roblox app for the first time, you’re prompted to log in or sign up.
    2. Tap on “Sign Up” to begin creating a new account. Fill out your details such as Birthday, Username, Password, etc) in the empty fields.
    3. Once all fields are filled, tap on “Sign Up”. You’ll be then redirected to the home page. This page is your central hub where you can find games, add friends, change settings, customize your avatars and more! The toolbar at the bottom of the page is your primary navigation tool.
  • Creating your avatar

    The avatar you create will be an online representation of your account; part of the fun in Roblox is customizing your avatar’s appearance

    1. Navigate to the home page. Tap on your avatar icon on the toolbar located at the bottom.
    2. You can access customization options to spruce up your avatar.
    3. If you have successfully claim your UGC, you can find it from Avatar > Customize.
      National Gallery: Accessories > Head

      GIN LEE: Clothing > Bottoms

      Barehands: Accessories > Front

      PUMA: Accessories > Neck
  • How do I participate in CapitaVerse?

    CapitaVerse will be held in Singapore Wanderland on Roblox from 8 April till 31 October 2024. To visit CapitaVerse:

    1. Download the “Roblox” app via Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or log on* to www.roblox.com/singaporewanderland
    2. Search for “Singapore Wanderland”, hit the green play button and head to the “Finders’ Isle” or click on the CapitaVerse pop-up to teleport in directly.
    3. You can also invite friends, create your own private server or join your friends who are currently in the experience, simply tap the icon to the left of the Play button, locate their username and tap “Join Game”.

    *You are required to have a Roblox account to access the game. Access to CapitaVerse is free for all Roblox players

  • How do I navigate CapitaVerse?

    Familiarise yourself with moving your avatar around, the system is similar to most computer games. These are the movement modes available:

    • Direct your gaze using the mouse
    • For Desktop, use the arrow keys to walk. For Mobile, there are three modes available (Dynamic Thumbstick – Default, Classic Thumbstick, Tap to Move.)
    • Press the Spacebar (desktop) or Arrow (mobile) to jump.

    Click on the map icon to bring up the CapitaVerse map. Click on the dots on the map to activate directional arrow that users can follow to the desired end point.

    Click on the popcorn icon to bring up a selection of Roleplay items that your avatar can equip your avatars with!

    You can also bring up a selection of emotes to animate your avatars by clicking on the emoji icon.

  • How do I watch the performance ft. Glenn Yong during the Experiential Launch Party?

    Head to the stage in CapitaVerse on 8 Apr, 9pm or 9 Apr, 1pm to vibe out to Glenn’s favourite tunes. Engage in interactive games with him and stand to win exclusive prizes during the trivia segment. Wave the virtual light sticks and fan boards which are available under the ‘Roleplay’ tab. You may also click on the stage screen to view the video in full screen mode.

  • How do I participate in the CapitaVerse mini-game: Turf War?
    1. Head to the virtual Funan in CapitaVerse.
    2. Step into the green portal, a countdown timer will be activated, wait for other players to join (A minimum of 2 players per round is required and a maximum number of 12 players per round).
    3. Select your team – Fashionistas or Foodies
    4. Once the game commences, turn as many grey tiles as possible in your team’s colour within 60 seconds.
    5. You may also run over opposing team’s coloured tiles to turn them into your team’s colour.
    6. Collect food or fashion icons that are randomly placed in the arena to increase your avatar’s speed for a few seconds.
    7. All participants will receive a branded badge after the game which entitles them to redeem real-world prizes at participating brands in CapitaLand malls, which will be stored in the player’s inventory.

    All prizes are while stocks last. Information stated in the Terms and Conditions is correct at the time of this listing and is subject to change without prior notice. 

    Terms & conditions apply.

  • How do I participate in Branded time-based quests?
    1. Visit the 3 branded shophouse and National Gallery Singapore landmark in Finder’s Isle, follow the instructions shared by the brand reps non-player character (NPC):
    2. Upon completing your quest, you will receive a limited edition branded UGC, redeemable while supplies lasts.
    3. To monitor your ongoing quests, click on the quest map button on the right. Hit “Track Quest” to activate the quest, or “Untrack Quest” to pause the quest.
  • What is UGCs and How to earn it?

    The word “UGC” stands for “User Generated content”. They are virtual wearable items to accessorise and personalise your avatars with.

    Earn our complimentary limited edition UGC by completing our branded quests by Barehands, GINLEE, PUMA, National Gallery Singapore! You will receive a pop-up message at the end of the quest to buy the UGC for Zero Robux, so it can be added into your inventory. The limited edition UGC will only be available from 8 Apr 5pm onwards, while supplies last. Limited to the first 10,000 redemptions per brand.

  • How do I participate in the Best Dressed Avatar Contest?

    Participants stand a chance to be one of the 10 lucky winners to win 1 Million STAR$® (valued at $1,000 eCapitaVoucher) collectively by taking a selfie using the in-game selfie mode in front of Funan in CapitaVerse and sharing their best CapitaVerse fits on Instagram and tag @CapitaLandMallsSG and @Visit_singapore.

    The selfie mode button can be found on the top right hand corner of the app. Screenshots are also accepted.
    Terms & conditions apply.

  • What is the CapitaVerse Attendance badge and how can I claim it?

    All CapitaVerse players will earn a CapitaVerse Attendance badge upon entering CapitaVerse/Finders Isle during the campaign period (8 April to 31 October 2024). This badge unlocks real-world rewards at CapitaLand malls with over 30 participating brands. For the full list of real-world rewards, visit here.

    The CapitaVerse Attendance badge will be automatically saved under the user’s “Badges” inventory.

  • How can I claim branded prize badges?

    A badge is earned by players upon completing CapitaVerse’s mini-game (Turf War) in Singapore Wanderland. Players can view their earned badge(s) by going to the ‘Badges’ section of their inventory, the badge will include details of the prize that has been won and the terms & conditions.

    To redeem any prize(s) in-store, players are required to share their Roblox username as redemptions are limited to one per unique user and flash their Branded Prize badge(s) in participating CapitaLand tenant stores.

    Terms & conditions apply.

    Information stated in the Terms and Conditions is correct at the time of this listing and is subject to change without prior notice.  

  • How do I retrieve my Badges?

    Web Browser:

    1. Go under Inventory and click on “Badges” https://www.roblox.com/games/13000007654/Singapore-Wanderland-FREE-UGC

    Mobile Application:

    1. Under Home Page > More
    2. Click Inventory and search “Badges” under Category.
  • I have the CapitaVerse NFT Attendance badges from past CapitaVerse events in 2022 or 2023. Am I still able to redeem the real-world rewards too?

    Most certainly! Past attendees of CapitaVerse events held in 2022 or 2023 are eligible to redeem the real-world rewards in participating CapitaLand malls. Simply present the badge in-store to redeem the deals.

    Terms & conditions apply.

  • Where do I key in the reward code on my CapitaStar app to redeem the eCapitaVoucher?

    Available for new CapitaStar members only. Refer to full terms & conditions for more details.

    Step 1: Launch your CapitaStar App and tap on the top left corner to access the side menu.

    Step 2: Tap on the “Reward Code” section.

    Step 3: Key in your unique reward code issued to you, and tap on “Claim Reward”!

  • There is an error message when I enter the reward code into the CapitaStar mobile application.

    Please check that you have entered them correctly into the CapitaStar mobile application. For enquiries, you may reach out to our hotline at 6631-9931 (Mon to Sun, 10am-6pm) or email us at retail@capitaland.com.