See the mythical dragon come to life with Tell Your Children’s energetic Dance of the Dragon - An Animated Light Art Installation

This Lunar New Year, CapitaLand collaborates with one of Singapore’s leading creative studio and art collective Tell Your Children - best known for their dynamic and innovative quirky approaches to image-making, illustration and design - to showcase Dance of the Dragon. The 8-metre-wide intricately sculptured dragon transforms to life with animated colour-chasing LED lights that harmonise with its poetic movements. The dragon also dances to the rhythm of the music, creating a visually electrifying spectacle. Meticulously crafted with traditional handiwork, this installation offers a modern spin on heritage and innovation, paying tribute to the rich cultural traditions of the Han ethnic group. The vibrant colours and playfulness of the artistic style by Tell Your Children artfully juxtapose with the fiery spirit of the dragon, creating a captivating display that sets the stage for a joyous celebration to welcome the Year of the Dragon. This new beginning promises success, prosperity, and abundance for all.

Presenting an immersive experience with a 10-minute light show that activates every 30-minutes, shoppers can delight in the vibrant display of light and music, which seamlessly integrate tradition with captivating and quirky digital animations. Shoppers can also share their experience at Dance of the Dragon with an Instagram filter, featuring festive greeting when they capture moments at the installation. Commissioned by CapitaLand, Dance of the Dragon looks to bring shoppers and their loved ones together to celebrate joyful reunions, and spend quality time this Lunar New Year.

The Dance of the Dragon animated light art installation is a highly multi-sensory experience with loud music, bright, and moving lights.


18 Jan to 4 Feb, 10am - 10pm

Level 1 Atrium

10-minute light shows will be held every 30 minutes, starting with the 1st show at 10am and the last show at 9:30pm

CQ @ Clarke Quay

7 Feb to 24 Feb, 12pm - 3am

Fountain Square

10-minute light shows will be held every 30 minutes, starting with the 1st show at 12pm and the last show at 2:30am



Launch the IG Filter using your smartphone. Ensure you have the latest version of the Instagram app downloaded for optimal user experience.


Grant access to the Instagram Camera, follow on-screen steps to activate the filter. Watch enchanting flowers blossom, tap to switch effects, and turn on sound for delightful background music.


Switch to your front camera view, or have a friend snap a photo using your back camera, and capture the moment with our selfie frame.

  • About Tell Your Children

    Tell Your Children (est. 2014) is a dynamic and innovative creative studio specialising in Image-Making, Illustration and Design.

    Spearheaded by Deon, Russell, Kevin, and Lydia, TYC has established itself as a prominent force in the industry.

    With a wealth of experience and expertise, the studio has garnered a reputation for delivering exceptional work on a range of projects including hand-painted murals, key visuals, and branded content for clients both locally and internationally.

    For more details about their works, visit their Instagram at @tellyourchildren or website