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Winners’ Announcement

Congratulations to our Telegram winners! Check your usernames below if you have won a $10 eCapitaVoucher! The eCapitaVoucher will be credited into your CapitaStar account through your registered email address. 

  • Winners of Week 29

    Qualifying period from 27 May to 2 Jun 2022

    • @jasminechiasp
    • @ebikoko
    • @xxltxx



  • Winners of Week 28

    Qualifying period from 20 May to 26 May 2022

    • @cheearm
    • @choylawrence
    • @sprintux
    • @audgohzy
    • @sirloinroast
    • @callmevanny



  • Winners of Week 27

    Qualifying period from 13 May to 19 May 2022

    • @yeoliwen
    • @cckian
    • @claralimm
    • @kai heng
    • @isabel tan
    • @ginaht
    • @jnjw5
    • @andrew lim



  • Winners of Week 26

    Qualifying period from 6 May to 12 May 2022

    • @melkhun
    • @reshma1801
    • @lovenhope
    • @itsfengyi
    • @yo lo
    • @ann
    • @anna
    • @lerlaine
    • @celestechm



  • Winners of Week 25

    Qualifying period from 29 Apr to 5 May 2022

    • @nattasaur
    • @tlb01
    • @zeeyun
    • @peiseeeeeee
    • @jun han cheung
    • @cutecute09
    • @jamie_ho
    • @edisfied
    • @madssaiyan
    • @leeleean57


  • Winners of Week 24

    Qualifying period from 22 Apr to 28 Apr 2022

    • @q00dles
    • @kjtnick
    • @kaydx
    • @chloegohyl
    • @d lee
    • @belindq
    • @phan0030
    • @ory8885
    • @tt_liquan
    • @a6fjen


  • Winners of Week 23

    Qualifying period from 15 Apr to 21 Apr 2022

    • @benneol
    • @mingfang96
    • @cowism
    • @juaniebouw
    • @bloobbb
    • @priscillaherrr
    • @msimonhere
    • @lnmich
    • @gohyhannah
    • @mayeeedel


  • Winners of Week 22

    Qualifying period from 8 Apr to 14 Apr 2022

    • @leftisnotright
    • @ailincheau
    • @pei_y
    • @ginesthoi
    • @foo III
    • @mosmos88
    • @soheyc
    • @vino
    • @dtyy97
    • @nuhamanja


  • Winners of Week 21

    Qualifying period from 1 Apr to 7 Apr 2022

    • @finnteo
    • @shinhyexh
    • @dragonleee
    • @sherylsheryl
    • @yong_guan
    • @claviole
    • @finestjoy
    • @bugwagen
    • @hazel
    • @jyrenk


  • Winners of Week 20

    Qualifying period from 25 Mar to 31 Mar 2022

    • @venencia
    • @walkerneo
    • @gnohgniy
    • @littlesunnnn
    • @ongboonhua
    • @buckyeo
    • @ann1977
    • @graceng20
    • @high0505
    • @paulchan69

  • Winners of Week 19

    Qualifying period from 18 Mar to 24 Mar 2022

    • @shuhau
    • @fellyjelly
    • @tyya
    • @ming2323
    • @gabrielbuddy
    • @j5t1n
    • @tttt9898
    • @claraxy
    • @andlh
    • @irvineeeyip

  • Winners of Week 18

    Qualifying period from 11 Mar to 17 Mar 2022

    • @valughryy
    • @nana
    • @joojepsh
    • @vanessalzk
    • @qxwhy
    • @qylim
    • @janeong
    • @insouciant13
    • @justdoit_40
    • @neogk007

  • Winners of Week 17

    Qualifying period from 4 Mar to 10 Mar 2022

    • @jacksonchng
    • @littlemissclumsy
    • @tuktukchar
    • @alastair_tan
    • @cs1ong
    • @jolietan
    • @tony
    • @baconismmm
    • @hernyhx
    • @urbigmaster123

  • Winners of Week 16

    Qualifying period from 25 Feb to 3 Mar 2022

    • @hmyoumi
    • @btp88
    • @LPY-Lai
    • @kenny2303
    • @Cecilialeow
    • @PSChillia
    • @ohaider
  • Winners of Week 15

    Qualifying period from 18 Feb to 24 Feb 2022

    • @siach123
    • @NL-NgLingLi
    • @vanece
    • @rach3lyeoh
    • @icesn0w
    • @ClaraTan
    • @yun_hui
    • @fangkilicious
    • @yuli6n
    • @SerraineTeo
  • Winners of Week 14

    Qualifying period from 11 Feb to 17 Feb 2022

    • @khloo12
    • @Ulti321
    • @JLJY95
    • @star_in_darkness1
    • @jingting_c
    • @deadbean
    • @donaldpark
    • @Radishhhh
    • @meatballsburg
    • @doubleuj
  • Winners of Week 13

    Qualifying period from 4 Feb to 10 Feb 2022

    • @janyeory
    • @jesscpy
    • @Randy_Choo
    • @Jx
    • @dimsumwoof
    • @kangarl
    • @LeeQiuWei
    • @foldedmemos
    • @desiree
    • @hellospearmint
  • Winner of Week 12

    Qualifying period from 28 Jan to 3 Feb 2022

    • @xo13xo
    • @kysysk
    • @BarryTay
    • @megygyn
    • @lushuaijack
    • @lilian_sg
    • @SheilaJayme
    • @Kayscontent
    • @it_tyc
    • @wandyi
  • Winners of Week 11

    Qualifying period from 21 Jan to 27 Jan 2022

    • @nettiawonderland
    • @Fffavian
    • @flofloflofloflo
    • @threesg
    • @yiqii
    • @ejbolt
    • @cccmssy
    • @AlexisKong
    • @jarrontan17
    • @johnlimjk
  • Winners of Week 10

    Qualifying period from 14 Jan to 20 Jan 2022

    • @Jiaksimilimsimi
    • @thekneees
    • @AlvinLoh
    • @Zjun
    • @GaryTeo
    • @Eugene239
    • @Xxinli
    • @TT
    • @BoonSiewHan
    • @Isabelyy


  • Winners of Week 9

    Qualifying period from 7 Jan to 13 Jan 2022

    • @JinXiong
    • @Moshi2wei2
    • @CindySum
    • @fellybellyjelly
    • @junrongtan
    • @iloveplayinggames
    • @Woondatabot1
    • @DunTellYouNow
    • @aloisohzh
    • @christopheryy


  • Winners of Week 8

    Qualifying period from 31 Dec 2021 to 6 Jan 2022

    • @JoyceChin
    • @ja0001ck
    • @Kim
    • @JoeyTan
    • @tinhangw
    • @cherrienina
    • @IdyWan
    • @ShawnChan86
    • @Shan
    • @WongMY_4ever


  • Winners of Week 7

    Qualifying period from 24 to 30 Dec 2021

    • @Aly
    • @hlmil
    • @Honeymilkteh
    • @wwenweii
    • @CherishRain
    • @sgfoodiesparrow
    • @Angelalxh
    • @Hazelnut6
    • @desmond_chua
    • @snow101girl


  • Winners of Week 6

    Qualifying period from 17 to 23 Dec 2021

    • @morninglovers
    • @mingtjong
    • @meebeelee
    • @Klovesto
    • @canessavhia
    • @reshma_d
    • @Sltslts1t
    • @Zy
    • @Chairrel
    • @robogramer
  • Winners of Week 5

    Qualifying period from 10 to 16 Dec 2021

    • @germainenyn
    • @Jan Yeo
    • @WeiCong22
    • @strawberriland
    • @cheryneyannni
    • @wyeelingg_10
    • @shernicecxy
    • @Spike8712
    • @belikealways
    • @joeyyyyyx
  • Winners of Week 4

    Qualifying period from 3 to 9 Dec 2021

    • @Kimmiehoong
    • @Judy tan
    • @maviseno
    • @sig_ice
    • @Tylerleeyilong
    • @Ellwhyyy
    • @Benjee
    • @janevocado
    • @ktchowkt
    • @geoggg
  • Winners of Week 3

    Qualifying period from 26 Nov to 2 Dec 2021

    • @meh_meh_sheep
    • @This_is_Pris
    • @ling
    • @AhJune29
    • @jumpingjac
    • @jkwt9
    • @Time2travelAgain
    • @Scsn
    • @zpdfc
    • @jinyuan
  • Winners of Week 2

    Qualifying period from 19 Nov to 25 Nov 2021

    • @karinchow
    • @jy_ho
    • @chanqyy
    • @wenwens
    • @aLiCe
    • @czzzzzsssss
    • @Sotong
    • @janevocado
    • @leeehweee
    • @szetongg
  • Winners of Week 1

    Qualifying period from 12 Nov to 18 Nov 2021

    • @huiting16
    • @Lim_t_s
    • @vickier
    • @cherieeeeeee
    • @Jordantsan
    • @Geliang
    • @ngliyin
    • @Aly
    • @underanumbrella
    • @wwenweii
  • What is an eCapitaVoucher?

    eCapitaVouchers are digital versions of a CapitaVoucher. You can seamlessly buy, gift and pay with your eCapitaVoucher on the CapitaStar App.

  • How can I accept the eCapitaVoucher if I have won?

    From the gift email you received, click on the link to “Accept eCapitaVoucher” and it will open your CapitaStar App. The Voucher serial number and PIN number will be populated automatically in your App. Click on "Accept Gift" to accept your eCapitaVoucher.

    Your eCapitaVoucher will automatically be accepted and loaded into your wallet. Upon successful acceptance, you will receive an email to confirm that the eCapitaVoucher has been credited into your CapitaStar account.

    If you do not have the CapitaStar App installed on your mobile or are accepting the eCapitaVoucher via desktop, clicking "Accept eCapitaVoucher" will lead you to your web wallet. You may access your eCapitaVoucher from both the CapitaStar App and your web wallet as long as you login with the same registered CapitaStar mobile number.

Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

1.1 The Telegram Giveaway (“Promotion”) is organised by CapitaLand Retail Management Pte Ltd (“Organiser”) and the same shall be governed by these terms and conditions (“T&Cs”).

1.2 CapitaStar Members may qualify for the Promotion by registering and meeting the Eligibility Criteria as set out in Clause 3 of this Promotion Terms and Conditions. For the purposes of this Promotion, CapitaStar Members who satisfy the qualify criteria for the Promotion are referred to as the “Eligible CS Member”.

1.3 The Organiser will organise weekly giveaways (each a “Draw” and collectively referred to as the “Draws”) where Eligible CS Members can win exciting and exclusive prices (“Rewards”).

2. Promotion Period

2.1 The promotion period (“Promotion Period”) is from 19 November 2021 to 28 October 2022 (both dates inclusive).

3. Eligibility Criteria

3.1 The Promotion is eligible for all-natural persons (i.e. not a corporate or business entity, association, society or other similar entity) who:

  • are members of CapitaStar and lawfully resident in Singapore prior to and during the Promotion Period; and
  • have subscribed to the Telegram Channel titled (“CapitaLand Malls SG” (the “Telegram Channel”); and
  • are aged at least 18 years old as at the date of signing up for their respective CapitaStar membership on the CapitaStar mobile application;

For the purposes of this Promotion, CapitaStar Members who satisfy the qualify criteria for the Promotion are referred to as the “Eligible CS Member”.

3.2 Eligible CS Members must complete and submit a registration form via https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdFkXqtQOwxFux_UHZ1L0QSp3HtVyxbttuxy_XGT4L9s4Zcjg/viewform.

4. Promotion Mechanics

4.1 Every week, the Organiser may either post a question or require the participants to complete a task  (“Weekly Requirement”) on the Telegram Channel. Eligible CS Members can participate in the Promotion by satisfying the Weekly Requirement on the Telegram Channel.

4.2 There is no limit to the number of responses that each Eligible CS Member may submit during the week for each Weekly Requirement or throughout the Promotion Period. The Organiser shall take the response most recent in time as the Eligible CS Member’s final response for the relevant Weekly Requirement.

4.3 The weekly qualifying periods and Draw dates for the Draws are as follow:

Draw Qualifying Period Actual Draws are held at the end of the month (if the month date falls on a weekend, the Draw will be held on the last business day of the working week.)   Prize
Weekly Friday Giveaways 19 Nov 2021 – 30 Sep 2022  Draw date is at the end of each month:  30 Nov, 31 Dec, 31 Jan, 28 Feb, 31 Mar, 29 Apr, 31 May, 30 Jun, 29 Jul, 31 Aug, 30 Sep, 31 Oct $10 eCapitaVouchers each X 10 winners
5,000 Subscribers Milestone  Once milestone is hit End of Qualifying period or next month   $500 eCapitaVouchers each x 5 winners
10,000 Subscribers Milestone  Once milestone is hit End of Qualifying period or next month   $1,000 eCapitaVouchers each x 15 winners

The Organiser shall select the winners (the “Prize Winner”) based on the most creative answers from the pool of Eligible CS Member who have satisfied the Weekly Requirement. The Prize Winners of each of the respective Draw Date will be announced and published on the Telegram Channel and Microsite by every 10th of the following month.

5. Prizes

5.1 Prizes (as shown in the table in Clause 4.3 above) are provided as they are and cannot be exchanged for cash. All Prizes are non-transferable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable for cash, credit, goods or benefits-in-kind, unless otherwise stated. The Organiser may at any time and without notice in its sole and absolute discretion and without assigning any reason, substitute any Prize with any other item of a similar or greater value without prior notice.

5.2  Prizes in the form of eCapitaVouchers cannot be exchanged for different denomination are subject to the relevant terms and conditions governing the use of the eCapitaVouchers. Please refer to eCapitaVouchers terms and conditions available at https://www.capitastar.com/sg/en/capitavoucher/terms---conditions.html as may be updated by CapitaLand Vouchers Pte Ltd from time to time.

5.3 For Prizes that are in the form of products, the Prize must be redeemed by Prize Winners in person subject to verification by an authorised representative(s) of the Organiser and are not transferable to any other person.

5.4 All Prize Winners will be notified by an authorised representative(s) of the Organiser through the Telegram Channel or email.

5.5 eCapitaVouchers will be directly credited into the Prize Winner’s CapitaStar account, corresponding to their email address provided linked to the Prize Winner’s CapitaStar account. Prize Winners winning physical products will receive an email from the Organiser stating the time, location and procedure (including the relevant supporting document(s)) to verify and collect the Prize.

5.6 The Organiser does not make any warranty or representation in relation to any product or services offered in this Promotion or redeemed by any eCapitaVouchers and shall not accept any liability in respect of the same.

5.7 The Organiser reserves the right to substitute any Prize Winner subsequently found to be ineligible or disqualified from the Promotion.

5.8 The Prize must be redeemed by the Prize Winners within two (2) months of the announcement/ notification by the Organiser.

5.9 All Prizes that remain unclaimed or unredeemed two (2) months after the prize announcement/ notification shall be forfeited and be donated to the Community Chest or dealt with in the sole discretion of the Organiser. Any Prize Winner whose Prize has been forfeited hereunder shall not be entitled to any payment or compensation. The Organiser reserves the rights to deal with all unclaimed prizes in any manner deemed fit.

5.10  The Organiser shall not be responsible for any administrative and registration arrangements related to the Prizes won.

5.11 The Organiser shall not be responsible for any consequences, including but not limited to loss of life, injury to person and/or damage to property, arising from or in connection with the Promotion and/or redemption or use of the Prizes.

5.12 The Organiser assumes no liability or responsibility whatsoever in respect of any defect or deficiency in any of the Prize (or any part thereof) or the nature/consumption of the Prize (or any part thereof) and will not entertain any direct or indirect correspondence with any Prize Winner in this regard.

5.13 In the event of any dispute of the entitlement of any Prize Winner, the dispute shall be settled by the Organiser in its’s sole discretion and such determination shall be final and non-appealable.

6 Exclusions

6.1 The following person(s) shall not be eligible for the Promotion:

  • Staff with direct access to CapitaLand Telegram Channel and their immediate family members (spouse & children)
  • Members of the Organising team and their immediate family members (spouse & children)
  • Employees of any advertising agency, promotion agencies and/or other persons involved (directly or indirectly) in organising, promoting and/or conducting the Promotion and their immediate family members (spouse & children).
  • Partners and vendors with direct access to members database, and their immediate family members (spouse & children).
  • Persons whom the Organiser may decide to exclude at its discretion without notice and without providing any reason, at any time.

6.2 The Organiser reserves the sole and absolute discretion to determine the eligibility of any person in relation to the Promotion, and at any time, the Organiser may disqualify any person from participation without providing any reason.

7 Data Protection

7.1 By participating in this Promotion; the Eligible CS Member;

7.11 acknowledges and consents to the processing, collection, use and disclosure of his/ her Personal Data by the Organiser, its affiliates, subsidiaries and related corporations including its holding company, CapitaLand Limited (collectively, “CapitaLand Group”), and authorised agents, business partners and service providers in compliance with applicable data protection laws, regulations and guidelines to facilitate the administration of the Promotion including compliance with the Promotion Terms and Condition, provision of the Prizes and that the Eligible CS Member has read and agreed with the CapitaLand Group’s Data Protection Policy available at https://www.capitaland.com/international/en/legal-notices/privacy-policy.html  as may be amended, replaced, substituted from time to time.

7.1.2 agrees that the Organiser, its affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, business partners and respective officers and employees shall not be liable for any actions, claims, demands, injuries, proceedings, liability, losses, damages, costs and expenses of any nature sustained by the Eligible CS Member directly or indirectly by reason of or in connection with this Promotion. The Eligible CS Member shall indemnify and keep the Organiser and its officers, servants, agents and employees ("the Indemnified Parties") fully indemnified against any and all loss, damage, demand, liability, claims, expenses and costs (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) suffered and/or incurred by any of the Indemnified Parties as a result of the breach of any of the terms and conditions herein by the Eligible CS Member. Eligible CS Members are deemed to have read, understood and accepted all the T&Cs set out herein, as well as any other requirements set out in any related promotional material, and all amendments, additions, replacements and modifications here to as may be made from time to time.

8 General

8.1 The Organiser’s decision on all matters relating to the Promotion shall be final, conclusive and binding. No correspondence will be entertained.

8.2 Any cost associated with participation in the Promotion shall be the responsibility of the Eligible CS Member.

8.3 This Promotion Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Singapore and all participants in this Promotion irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore Courts to resolve any and all dispute.

8.4 Information stated in this Promotion Terms and Condition is correct at the time of printing and is subject to change without prior notice.