Esplanade Presents A Little Love Story in Singapore

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06 Sep - 02 Jan
Adopting the role of a storyteller, Chiew Sien Kuan creates a world that imagines and reinterprets the early years of modern Singapore’s development through a series of assemblages and mixed media paintings. Chiew's account reveals a side of the country that that was not just about eking out a living and surviving against the odds. It is filled with imagination, humanity and adventure, shaped by the people and communities that have made the city their home. The works are laid out in a manner reminiscent of urban planning. The viewer is brought on a journey through places like the harbour, the riverside, a street theatre and the airport, with each site anchored by a set of works that relates a different facet of the country’s character. This visual narrative explores community, identity and culture while reflecting on the shared memories and sense of self that tie generations past and present together.

About the artist
Chiew Sien Kuan (b.1965, Singapore) is an artist and educator. His paintings and sculptures delve into issues of environmentalism, renewal, loss of urban spaces, economic progress and technological development that have influenced and changed people’s sense of reality. Chiew recently exhibited his works at Soul Yield, at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Art Gallery (2019). He has participated in numerous exhibitions at Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, including These Sacred Things (2015) and Warm Machine with Love (2009).

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