8EyedSpud at Bugis Street

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Taking inspiration from the historical details of Kampong Bugis, artists 8EyedSpud reimagined the Bugis, previously known for its settlers and trading scenes, into symbolic wall murals along Bugis Street.

Check out Diverse Neighbourhood at the Bugis Street alleyway along Queen Street, and River Trade at 229 Victoria Street. Don't forget to take some photos with it while you're there!

The History of Bugis

Known to be the arts and heritage district today, the Bras Basah area was formerly Singapore's most ethnically diverse residential neighbourhood. It was made up of mixed communities; various Chinese including Peranakans, Eurasians, Jews, Malays, Indians, Sikhs, Japanese, Armenians, Europeans and others lived within close proximity.

Not too far off the Bras Basah area was also Kampung Bugis. The Bugis area was recognised for its settlers, the Bugis, who were one of the earliest migrants to make their way to Singapore in the 19th century.

The Bugis brought a variety of goods to be traded in Singapore. A common sight seen at Kampong Bugis was the trading of goods by the Bugis, which included birds of paradise, mother-of-pearl, tortoiseshell, birds' nests, sandalwood, gold dishes, beeswax, cotton and coffee. The Bugis were also known to have brought back products like British and American firearms and gunpowder, Malayan tin, iron parangs, Chinese raw silk, earthenware, opium, European woollen cloth and cotton linen.

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