Afuri was first started by Hiroto Nakamura in Tokyo in 2003 and has expanded the brand internationally to stores in Portugal and Canada. Takahashi Kenichi, CEO of Japan Foods Holding, had worked to bring Afuri to Singapore since 2012. His vision was finally realised seven years later, with the launch of Afuri ramen + dumplings in Singapore. Afuri stands out from its competitors by making their signature ramen with yuzu, a small citrus fruit native to Asia. They are also crafted authentically to Japan’s specification, producing ramen that is thin, light and refined. Afuri ramen are soaked in broth boiled with ingredients such as chicken, kombu and dried bonito. A dash of yuzu in the broth delivers a refreshing twist to the taste of the dish entirely. The pork slices that top the ramen are cooked over lava stones locally, as compared to being grilled with charcoal in Japan, yet the depth of the flavour is still preserved. For a satisfying side dish, opt for Afuri’s dumplings that comes in a layer of crispy thin crust covering the bottom. Afuri not only aims to share their passion for the process of producing quality and well-made food, but also to do their part in contributing to the community and so much more. Just as they are named after Mt. Afuri that stands steadfast and dependable, Afuri restaurant has one belief: “One ramen. One staff. Always Higher.” So make your way to their outlet in Singapore today for a hot piping bowl of ramen!

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