Ajumma’s is a casual Korean restaurant in Singapore that serves authentic and delicious Korean dishes at affordable prices. Experience the bold and vibrant flavours of Ajumma’s Korean dishes, from savoury, smoky cuts of beef, to heartwarming bowls of rich kimchi broth, you are definitely in for a treat! Their Signature Beef Kalbi only uses USDA Prime Beef which is marinated in their home-made secret sauce. The ribs arrive boneless, succulent and tender along with the flavourful sauce that is bound to make you crave for seconds. Another menu item that is recommended is their Bibimbap, a perfect balance in one meal, with individually seasoned vegetables, a fried egg and your choice of meat (or not) all mixed in with Gochujang (Korean Chili Paste). Their Ajumma’s favourite Fluffy Steamed Eggs is creamy with a light broth and sesame oil drizzled on top, a simple yet luscious dish. For a sweet ending, try their Honey Pancakes, known as Hotteok, a Korean street food that has a crispy bun exterior and a gooey honey cinnamon center. The main dishes come with 4 different Banchans (side dishes), Kimchi, Sweet Corn with Mayonnaise, Pickled Radish and Seaweed. Made from scratch daily with the freshest ingredients and seasoned with love, Ajumma's will leave you feeling full in your bellies and in your hearts. So drop by any outlet in Singapore today for a casual Korean dining affair.

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