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Indian Cuisine , Tandoori Skewer , Soup , Masala

Anjappar began in 1964 in Chennai and is the trailblazer in introducing the food of Chettiars to people worldwide. The franchise set foot in Singapore in 2005 and there are currently over 50 stores all over the world. Throughout the years, Anjappar has been providing patrons a homely dining experience. Having accumulated over 50 years of experience, Anjappar has shown their masterful use of spices to provide the best food experience for your taste buds. With secret home recipes and fresh products, Anjappar captivates food lovers with their unique dishes. One of their house specials include the Special Anjappar Chicken Dry/Masala consisting tender and boneless chicken marinated in handmade masalas and cashews, which are then roasted to taste. With the Mutton Dum Briyani, the meat is not gamey and cooked within the rice to produce an aromatic and tantalizing dish. Anjappar restaurants have managed to preserve the culinary traditions and serve as one of the most brilliant ambassadors of Chettinaad Cuisine today. Be sure to visit any Anjappar outlet in Singapore for a taste of authentic Chettinaad cuisine! We're still open for takeaway and delivery. Takeaway Menu: Delivery Westgate: Food Panda
This restaurant is halal certified.
NOTE: Halal certification is subject to yearly renewal, please check in-store for more details.

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