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Korean Cuisine , Korean Fried Chicken

Imagine tender crisp Korean Fried Chicken drenched in sweet-spicy specialty sauce resting on stretchy melted cheese. Now stop imagining and head over to Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory to taste it for yourself. Chir Chir wants Singapore to enjoy the Chimaek culture with great food, great service and great atmosphere! The culture of Chimaek generally enjoyed amongst the younger generations, represents the fun and popular combination of fried chicken and cold beer. The combination is so popular that a new word was created to describe it. Chimaek(치맥 in Korean), chi from chicken (치킨) and maek from maekju (맥주 beer).  Chir Chir is not halal because we serve alcoholic beverages, but our chicken is sourced from a halal-certified supplier and none of our dishes contain pork or lard. 

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