Dal.komm COFFEE

Founded in South Korea, dal.komm COFFEE is a trendy lifestyle entertainment coffee chain gaining traction globally. Rising to international popularity for its featured appearance in several scenes of the hit Korean TV DRAMA, Descendants of the Sun, Goblin and Mr Sunshine, the café has since become a go-to spot for Korean fans and regular Singaporean alike. dal.komm COFFEE offers a unique selection of coffee blends categorised into K1, K2, K3, K4, all of which made from exclusively-sourced Arabica bean blends. Each blend has its own unique profile and characteristics, shining in its own right. For instance, the K1, comprises of a blend of Brazil and Costa Rican beans served in frozen cubes whilst temperature-controlled milk; the creaminess of the coffee slowly thickens and intensifies as the ice gradually melts. So treat yourself to quality coffee at dal.komm COFFEE’s outlet at CapitaLand mall, Funan. Be greeted by a cosy and welcoming ambience, with songs and tunes that were used in popular Korean Drama series playing in the background.

This store accepts

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  • DBS (Instant STAR$®️ Earn)



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