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Ajisen Ramen has been operating since 1968 and is popular for its flavourful Tonkotsu (pork bone) broth. First launched in Kumanoto, Japan, Ajisen Ramen currently has more than 700 restaurants located around the world, with 20 outlets in Singapore alone. They are the world’s largest Ramen Chain, famed as the “World Ramen” and aims to operate 1000 restaurants globally. Den Ajisen is a subsidiary of the larger Ajisen Ramen brand. 

The Tonkostsu soup in Den Ajisen’s ramen is made with ingredients imported from Japan, and their ramen noodles are house made, which, when briefly cooked, stay smooth and bouncy to taste. The restaurant features Original, Black, Shin and Spicy soup bases. The Original soup base is a white Tonkotsu broth made with an authentic recipe while the Black soup base is created by incorporating fried garlic and onion oil with white Tonkotsu broth. Additionally, the Shin soup base is a special blend of prawn with spiced oil and the Spicy soup base consists of tom yam spices or the popular Ajisen volcano sauce. Their Tonkotsu soup has anti-ageing qualities due to the amount of collagen immersed in the soup. Collagen, a protein largely found in connective tissues, cartilage and bone, makes up a significant percentage of the 60 trillion body cells and can be considered the essence of life. 

So immerse yourself in the "World Ramen" and come by any Den Ajisen outlet for a hearty bowl of ramen today!

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