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Fried Chicken Cutlet

Well-known across the globe, Taiwan is a haven for creative and delicious street food. Ask anyone and it won’t be hard to gather that the unanimous king of Taiwanese street food would be the fried chicken cutlet. Standing out from the crowd with extraordinarily thick chicken breast meat, the fried chicken cutlet created by Devil Chicken has a thin yet amazingly crispy outer layer to complement its succulent meat. With every crunch of excellence, the fried chicken cutlet created by Devil Chicken has garnered a unique identity and strong following in Taiwan. You will find a snaking queue in front of every Devil Chicken outlet in Taiwan’s popular night markets, where food-lovers (locals or tourists) can’t wait to sink their teeth into each piece of value-for-money goodness. Taiwan may be a 4-hour plane ride away, but Devil Chicken’s fried chicken cutlet is now in our shores.

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