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Alex Ong started Dough Culture in Singapore after being inspired by the dedication and hard work of elderly women who manually kneaded, rolled and fried dough. He had sought to automate a dough-making process and revive this tradition through creative means. Through his relentless dedication, the ideal recipe for Dough Culture was created. Alex successfully refined the method of freezing dough through trial and error, lengthening its shelf life while maintaining the dough’s freshness. Moreover, his engineering knowledge allowed him to automate the dough making process which allowed him to create fresh dough fritters with consistent appearance, taste and texture. Dough Culture offers the classic Singaporean favourites like You Tiao, Butterfly Bun, Salted Bun and Red Bean Bun. Alex also delves into developing special recipes to excite local taste buds and cater to more customers. Other than the classics, Dough Culture serves up Carrot Cake, Yam Cake, Samosa as well as novel You Tiao combinations like You Tiao Mayo Cheese, Seaweed You Tiao Chips and Rojak You Tiao. Treats like Banana Fritters and Tau Suan are available as well. Visit Dough Culture and have a taste of Singapore’s iconic snacks today!
This restaurant is halal certified.
NOTE: Halal certification is subject to yearly renewal, please check in-store for more details.

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