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Duke Bakery was started by Allen Tsai who is also the Executive Pastry Chef, after accumulating 10 years of experience through various masters from Germany, Japan and France. His only aim is to make the best bread in the world, to share his creations and enjoyment with everyone. Currently, all Duke Bakery outlets in Singapore features more than 60 exciting creations of flavourful and delectable breads. Tsai brilliantly blends soft and light bread textures inspired by the Japanese technique with traditional European method of acquiring yeast from fermented fruits, providing a healthy and wholesome foodscape that is not to be missed. Their range of signature breads comprise Chocolate Bun, Pizza Onion Toast, Hokkaido Mixed Bean Toast and Carbell, which is made with grape ferment, whole wheat levain, cranberry and cream cheese. Some of their newest creations include Black Pearl buns that are made of black sesame seed, black bean and walnut, Japanese Scones, Chocolate Cheese as well as Raisin and Cream Cheese among other novel breads. Come by any Duke Bakery outlet in Singapore and grab yourself a bag of of baked goods that are made with the combination of different techniques today! We're still open for takeaway and delivery.

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