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Thai Milk Tea

Dúm Dúm Thai Drinks hails from Indonesia and serves up a whole selection of authentic and rich Thai beverages in Singapore. From its humble beginnings in 2016, Dúm Dúm Thai Drinks has since expanded to over 400 outlets across 30 major cities, becoming one of the top Thai drinks brand in Southeast Asia. 

Dúm Dúm sticks close to the recipe that is used in Thailand, delivering drinks that blend superior quality coffee and tea from different regions as well as using authentic techniques to brew Thai tea. Dúm Dúm offers a range of premium drinks like Aren Thai Tea with Palm Sugar, Coconut Palm Sugar Thai Tea Latte and Coconut Palm Sugar Caffe Latte. Quintessential Thai beverages like Thai Coffee, Thai Milk Tea and Thai Green Tea are offered as well. Moreover, non-dairy options are also served, including Thai Black Tea, Honey Lime Green Tea and Thai Black Coffee, which are available in hot or iced options. 

So if you're feeling the heat from the tropical climate in Singapore then head down to Dúm Dúm Thai Drinks to quench your thirst and your craving for authentic Thai drinks today!

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