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Ricebowls , Japanese Cuisine , Sushi , Sashimi

Did you know… 

Izakaya literally means ‘stay-in sake shop’. Starting out in the Edo period as liquor shops where people could buy sake and enjoy it in-store, izakayas have evolved into casual places for people to hang out after work over otsumami and drinks. 

Otsumami also slows down the absorption rate of alcohol in your blood so you don’t get drunk too fast. Wind down with your colleagues after a long day at work at En Sakaba at Clarke Quay, which serves up Japanese-inspired tapas alongside alcoholic drinks. 

En Sakaba focuses on offering a variety of Japanese influenced tapas that are best paired with sake and beer. The drink menu emphasizes and features a fine selection of top grade Japanese sakes, carefully selected wines and reasonably priced liqueurs and beer. 

This smaller branch of the En Sakaba chain has an extensive menu that's not limited to bar eats of edamame and tori karaage. Dishes such as donburis and sukiyaki are also available if you’re planning to have a full meal. 

Pick from the comprehensive alcohol menu that includes high quality sake and affordable beers - and let the happy hour begin!

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