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Snack time is always enjoyable, so we like to implement some into the snack and make it stress free while having snack by taking your health into consideration on our product line.  We understand that almost everyone loves snack, from school kids to elderly, thus our snack variety is plenty and refreshed every year.

We like to see everyone around us live a happy and healthy life, thus we start it with ourselves, we smile, we greet, we listen and we care about everyone we meet in our everyday life, believing that what we do will make your day better and happier.  Our range of customers is wide, from school kids to elderly, because everyone should not miss the fun of having snacks.

Popcorn is always our main product which we are so proud of it since our popcorn not only comes in a variety of flavours, it also comes in round shape that makes it coated evenly with your favourite seasoning, all thanks to the special "mushroom" popcorn maize, we are able to make our popcorn tastier and crunchier.  Moreover, we only use non GMO popcorn maize and natural fine ingredient to "pop" this extraordinary snack and bring fun to kill your boring moments.

We're still open for takeaway and delivery daily from 11am - 9pm.

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