Gong Cha Classic

Gong Cha Classic is a subsidiary of Singapore’s beloved bubble tea brand, Gong Cha, that features only the classic all-time favourites instead of the full menu. Gong Cha has been around Singapore’s bubble tea scene since 2009 and despite a brief exit, the brand has been consistently serving quality and refreshing beverages. With a priority in food safety and quality of taste, Gong Cha ensures their tea meets the international SGS examination guidelines and partners with experienced factories for their ingredients. Each day, tea is boiled newly in order to keep them fresh and flavourful, and the stores never use tea that is left beyond 4 hours. The water they use are also purified and bactericidal, ensuring your drinks are safe and hygienic. Gong Cha Classic only offers four sections of beverages, Gong Cha Milk Tea, Gong Cha Signature Milk Foam, Gong Cha Creative Mix and Brewed Tea. Some of their fan favourites on this menu includes Pearl Milk Tea, Taro Drink and Mango Green Tea. There are also new additions to the beverages they offer, like Matcha with Red Bean, Milk Tea with Red Bean and Pudding Jelly as well as Purple Sweet Potato Milk Tea. There are 13 varieties of toppings you can add, creating your own unique taste of Gong Cha! So mix and match a cup of bubble tea at any Gong Cha Classic outlet in Singapore now!



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