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Enjoy your basic, no frills Korean Themed haircuts here at kcuts. With outlets conveniently located islandwide, we provide reasonably priced and stylish haircuts wherever you are in just 10 minutes. kcut offers Korean themed haircuts that are stylish and convenient. 

The haircut is completed in 10 minutes with the help of our well- trained and proficient stylists where they have the necessary skills and experience to achieve your desired hairstyle. In addition, kcuts utilises an innovative technology known as our "Air Washer". We also have our own automatic self-payment kiosk where customers can purchase their tickets and obtain their queue number. With this, it is hassle free and systematic and customers are able to enjoy a pleasant experience here at kcuts. 


Kskin is a Korean Express Facial Salon that caters to both genders where results are produced in 15 minutes while being affordable at only $28. No prior appointment is required and there is no package selling. The duration of the facial treatments only require 15 minutes to ensure skin is refreshed, prepped, and glowing which allows customers to maximize time and achieve skincare goals. The treatments used are the best from Korean skincare solutions. Despite our affordable price tag in comparison to many other beauty salons, quality is assured.



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