LA Barbershop

LA Barbershop is one of the first few brands in town to offer a complete bespoke grooming experience for men, from shaving to haircut, massage to ear-cleaning services at value for money prices. Its concept is inspired by the traditional English barbershop culture that dates back to 18th century. It aims to bring in the trend from the west, and exudes a modern yet homey and inviting vibe. It sets out to provide a nostalgic experience as going back to simpler days with its red and white pole and where men gathered at the barbershop to discuss everything from business to sports to current affairs. The barber chairs are specially imported from Japan and are designed to depict the traditions of a retro Barber's chair. With full leather and durable upholstery front and back, from headrest to footrest this is the place where men can fully lose themselves in an oasis of calm.

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