OWELL Bodycare

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Blood Pressure Monitors , Massages

OWELL helps you discover the wonderful ways you can harness your body's natural healing power with the quality BIO-Ge (Germanium) Titanium Health accessories. Explore the therapeutic and rejuvenating healthcare products which enable you to relax and soothe bothersome muscle aches on the neck, shoulders, back and legs.

OWELL also retails ergonomically-designed products such as ortho-step gait correcting insoles and shoes and graduated compression pants to keep you healthy anytime and anywhere. 

Step into OWELL store anytime for a complimentary 3-step health check, consisting of body oxygen level check, vascular age check, capillaries shape and blood circulation analysis. All checks are non-invasive, safe and fast.

This store accepts

  • CapitaCard
  • eCapitaVoucher
  • DBS (Instant STAR$®️ Earn)



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