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Your trusted companion on your journey to wellness, Schönemama Singapore is a postpartum recovery and health centre. Schönemama has more than 20 years of experience and 500+ outlets worldwide. Schönemama is China’s first postpartum recovery and health management agency, Schönemama Singapore combines Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) knowledge with cutting-edge technology and R&D to help women dealing with health and wellness issues. Schönemama Singapore rapidly grew from one outlet to four outlets in Singapore within the space of six years. With a new outlet at Westgate, Schönemama has also expanded its services to include women at various stages of their lives, from those who are looking to improve their general health to those who may have undergone childbirth years ago but still suffer repercussions from the delivery, such as sore joints or back pain. Schönemama believe in helping all women, especially mothers, improve their health. For mothers, to boost their health to a state superior to what it was during pregnancy, and for mothers-to-be, to prepare and condition them for delivery. Schönemama has developed safe, effective, and non-invasive programs and solutions that have transformed the health of millions of women worldwide.



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