From humble beginnings, Wayang started as a virtual brand having to share kitchen spaces with our founding fathers and mothers, Ayam Penyet Ria – we are finally here after spending years without a home! Our fantastic and definitely memorable menu is derived from a few thousand years of research, handed down by our ancient ancestors. Inspired by the early days of Indonesian-mix cuisine, Wayang is a journey of self-discovering the ultimate comfort in simple yet pleasurable food. Three simple steps to order Wayang: choose from 3 types of traditional rice bases, 3 types of super exotic chillis and 17 delicious choices of mains. We have our signature Wayang Chicken (crispy chicken chunks marinated in our special ancient batter and deep fried into perfection) and Ayam Titanium (chicken chunks grilled with super dark sauce from heaven). Wayang also has a top-secret weapon - Iceplanade (yes, it’s our signature Ice Durian drink). Not to forget, we have perfected the secret mythical techniques and will be introducing the legendary ‘Roti Bakar’ which essentially is the truest form of traditional bread toast! Today is the best day to take MC and Wayang with us. “Work Later, Wayang First” should be the motto of our lives.

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