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Initially, Converse specialised in making galoshes - winterised rubber-soled boots made of water-proofed materials - then branched out to the athletic footwear market and released its first basketball shoe – the Converse All-Star. The venerable Converse brand has since become one of the most popular sneakers today, selling over 270,000 pairs of the signature Chuck Taylors a day, amounting to about 100 million pairs a year. The Chuck Taylor features a stitched upper, a rubber toe cap and a sole made of brown rubber; a nice pair of simple, flexible and comfortable shoes. 

Converse established itself as a brand that celebrates individuality, where its extensive line of designs and colours exudes who you want to be. Despite all the innovations and changes in the athletic shoe industry, Converse shoes still remain fashionable and unchallenged, and will continue to be rediscovered and adapted by millions in every new generation. 

Visit Converse at Bugis Junction for a timeless pair of retro aesthetics - Chuck Taylor.

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