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19 Jul - 18 Aug
Happy birthday Singapore!

Go “Klasik” to celebrate this nationwide season! Featuring our sweet and spicy sambal with anchovies, pairing with our all time favourite fried chicken patty, sizzling fried egg and freshly prepared lettuce, enjoy every “sedap” mouthful of this new Sambal Klasik Chicken Rice Burger ($6.95) that is only for you Singapore! Available in rice burger for more satisfaction or you may go with burger too.

Get your burger feast more “klasik”! We believe you’ve always loved traditional kuih-muih (kuih-muih: sweet cakes or pastries) , so here we come with our MOS Ondeh Ondeh Cake ($3.95), made with pandan infused cake, layered with Gula Melaka, coconut flakes and white chocolate cream, sedap!

Don’t spoil yourself with choices, have them all now only at $9.90! What better way to celebrate our nation’s birthday than to feast on a meal that contains the best of Singapore’s local flavour?

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