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NOW Pizza: Unleashing Flavour in 90 Seconds 

Once upon a time in the heart of culinary innovation, NOW Pizza was born. A revolution in the realm of pizza, where time meets taste in a mouthwatering crescendo. At NOW Pizza, we believe in more than just pizza; we believe in a slice of life served fast and flavourful. 

Hi, slice to meet you! We are Now Pizza, your fun revolutionary grab-and-go pizza brand that serves up Neapolitan-style sourdough pizza in just 90 seconds.  

We know your drill – Post that GRWM reel, before the song stops trending, send that draft to your boss pronto, or maybe you want to fill up on something just quick and easy. Time is precious. We got you covered, cause that's how we do things here at Now Pizza.  
We are passionate about Pizza. We eat, sleep, dream about Pizza. Our chewy, crispy sourdough crust is so addictive, you'll finish the whole pie in one sitting. That's not the only thing that will make you want to go back for seconds. Our Nonna approved tomatoes are so Italian, you can call them Pomodoro. And our cheese -- European, extra cheesy, bold, and stretchy. Just the way we know you like it.  

Of course, all this is better for you, and we are doing our bit to make it good for the planet as well by reducing our emissions too.  

With expressive flavours, our express pizza will appeal not just to your authentic self, but also to your wallet. We make good pizza a worthwhile affair because if there's a time to be WOW, it's NOW!

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