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Chinese Cuisine , Soup , Roasted Specialties

Dian Xiao Er was inspired by the olden teahouses that served as a resting stop for patrons to indulge in meals and recover from their journey. Their name originates from “Xiao Er”, which is a way that patrons called out to the waiters for their service. 

Dian Xiao Er’s claim to fame rests on their Signature Roast Duck, a dish that is fragrant with all its herbal spices and tender meat. Their Cherry Valley ducks are steeped in a selection of Chinese herbs and cooked slowly over charcoal, ensuring its flavours remain locked in the meat and palatable with every bite. Dian Xiao Er’s Signature Herbal Roasted Duck comes in 2 versions, the Angelica Herb roast duck that nourishes the blood and treats blood deficiencies as well as the Ten Wonder Herbs roast duck that rejuvenates energy and effects calming properties. Beyond roasted ducks, Dian Xiao Er also serves up a range of wholesome dishes like Stir Fried Lotus Root with Macadamia Nut, Fish Maw Thick Soup with Seafood as well as Dong Po Pork. 

Come on down to Dian Xiao Er at Lot One for a delectable meal with friends and family today!

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B1-32 to 33
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