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Fried Chicken , Japanese Cuisine , Japanese Curry Rice , Snacks & Finger Food , Yakitori

Welcome to Tori Story: Where Every Bite is a Japanese Delight.
Tori Story is more than just a name – it's our promise to go above and beyond. We're not just a kiosk; we're your quick escape to the flavors of Japan.

Inspired by the bustling streets of Tokyo, our founders have brought authentic Japanese tastes to the heart of Singapore. Our menu is perfect for families, featuring delicious yakitori, crispy breaded oysters, and a savory curry don with karaage. Every dish blends tradition with a modern twist, sure to satisfy your cravings.

What's special about us? Tori Story is completely free from pork and lard. This means everyone can enjoy our flavors, without any worries.

Visit us for a quick journey to Japanese comfort food – all the classic tastes, right in your neighborhood, and always pork-free. Tori Story is where simple meets delicious.

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