CapitaLand Cookie Policy

Use of Cookies

1.1.       This document sets out the CapitaLand Group’s “Cookie Policy” for our websites. The Policy applies to:

a)       CapitaLand Development Private Limited (CLD) (Registration Number 201109018N) that holds the developing assets and builds new properties;

b)      CapitaLand Investment Limited (CLI) (Registration Number 200308451M) that holds the REITs, the private funds, the property managers and the hospitality business; and/or

c)      related corporations and affiliates;

referred to hereunder as “CapitaLand”, the “CapitaLand Group”, “we”, “us” or “our”) collectively or singularly as the context requires, recognise the importance of protecting Personal Data.

What are Cookies and other Identifiers?

1.2.       Cookies and other Identifiers consist of portions of code installed in the browser that assist our websites to provide the services described. Cookies are stored in your browser’s file directory. In your subsequent visit to our website(s), your browser will read the cookies and relay the information back to the website(s) or element that originally set the cookies. Functions that are usually performed by a cookie can be also achieved by other identifiers. Other Identifiers include, but are not limited to, browser local storage data, local shared objects (flash cookie) and web browser fingerprints, which could be used for purposes such as storing the user preference or tracking users' Internet activity. Other tools such as scripts, tracking pixels and plugins could also be used to get a better understanding of users on our website(s). For visitors browsing our website(s), we share with you if we are using cookies and other Identifiers and give you the choice to decide on the collection of information by such technology.

Cookie Consent Management (CCM)

1.3.       We respect your privacy.  The installation of cookies and other Identifiers is based on your consent. This consent can be freely withdrawn at any time by following the instructions provided in this Policy.

1.4.       CapitaLand Group websites (See Table 1 for full listing) make use of a Cookie Consent Management (CCM) platform to help our online users know which cookies are used on our websites and why they are used.

1.5.       We make use of Essential and Non-Essential Cookies in our websites.  Please refer to Table 2 – Consolidated List of Cookies for a description of the respective functions of the different cookies. When you first access any of our websites, “Necessary Cookies” will be placed on your device. Our “Necessary Cookies” are the Essential Cookies. These cookies are intended to carry out activities that are strictly necessary for the basic operation of CapitaLand’s website to function, such as site security, network management and accessibility. You may disable these by changing your browser settings, but this may affect how our website functions. Please see Paragraph 1.14 for information on “How to change browser settings”.  Without these cookies, some services which you would like to avail yourself to cannot be provided. The legal basis for our processing of your Personal Data collected via these “Necessary Cookies” is that it is necessary for the legitimate interests pursued by us. 

1.6.       For Non-Essential Cookies such as Functional Cookies and Advertising Cookies, their installation requires the online user’s consent.  Please be assured that these cookies will not be deployed on your device unless you have consented to the use of these cookies. Each Non-Essential Cookie category comes with a consent button [No/Yes] and a default setting to “No” button. A consent, on your part, in this case will require you to provide a freely given action to click the “Yes” button for your preferred choice of Functional and Advertising Cookies.

Exercising Your Data Privacy Rights

1.7.       You can manage your cookie preferences and withdraw your consent anytime anywhere by changing the settings on the CCM dialogue box which is accessible by clicking on “Select your preference” on the website footer, or by updating the settings on your browser accordingly. Please refer to the CCM dialogue box as described here in this paragraph for more information on how to configure or disable cookies in each browser. However, you may not be able to enter or use certain part(s) of our websites, and some of the functions and services may not be able to work without cookies. This may also impact your user experience while at our websites.

Under the CCM dialogue box, you have the freedom to exercise your data right to choose any of the following options:

“Accept all cookies” will mean accepting all Essential and Non-Essential Cookies;

“Accept only essential cookies” will mean to enable core functionality of the website and to reject all Non-Essential Cookies; or

“Select your preference” will allow you to set your own user experience. We have provided a listing of all cookies according to the bucketing, allowing user to set level of acceptance for Non-Essential Cookies. The default position is “No” for all options.

Cookies Provenance

1.8       Information stored in cookies on our websites is used exclusively by CapitaLand Group, except for information stored in third-party cookies. Please refer to the Consolidated List of Cookies here.

a)            First-party cookies

As the name implies, first-party cookies are placed on your device directly by the CapitaLand website(s) you are visiting.

b)            Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are cookies that are set by a domain other than that of the website being visited by the user. If a user visits a website and another entity sets a cookie through that website, this would be a third-party cookie.

We may allow certain social media, advertising and analytics partners to place third-party cookies on our websites. These partners use these cookies to (i) help us analyse how our websites are being used; (ii) collect information about your activities on our websites; and (iii) market and advertise our services to you on our websites and third-party websites.

For example, we use Google Analytics, a service provided by Google Inc., on our websites. We use Google Analytics cookies to collect information about how visitors use our websites and the number of times a visitor has visited our websites. We use the information with a view to improving our websites and enhancing the experience of our online visitors.

Some of our websites also contain links to websites that are maintained and/or controlled by third parties. These websites may be co-branded and display our logos or other trademarks. You can check whether you are on one of our websites by checking the uniform record locator (“URL”) on the page that you are visiting. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of these third-party websites as their privacy practices may differ from CapitaLand Group.

c)            Third-party social media cookies 

We use the cookies of third-party social networking platforms and websites to enable you to interact with these platforms and websites to share information about our websites through them (e.g. through "Like" or "Share" buttons or through comment boxes, etc.). If you are not logged into your account with such third-party social networking platforms and websites, then the third party may not know your identity. If you are logged into your account with the third party, then the third party may be able to link information or actions about your interactions with our websites to your account with them. These cookies will only collect data if you consent to the use of advertising cookies. 

Withdrawal of Consent (“Opt out”) from third-party cookies

1.9       To the extent that such advertising technology is used by our websites, you can choose to opt out of the targeted advertising cookies. However, you may still receive advertising content from third-party advertisers. To opt out of third party’s targeting and advertising cookies, you will need to approach the third-party website hosts or visit:

a)            Network Advertising Initiative’s website at

b)            Digital Advertising Alliance’s website at

c)            Your Online Choice’s website at

d)            To opt out of Google Analytics for display advertising or customise Google display network ads, you can visit the Google Ads settings page. You should review the Google Analytics security and privacy principles available at You can, at any time, opt out from the use of Google Analytics by either changing the settings on your browser accordingly or by clicking on the following link:

Please note that we do not control any of the above opt-out links and are not responsible for the availability or accuracy of these mechanisms.

1.10    We do not have any control over the settings of these third-party cookies. The social networking platforms (e.g. Facebook) will have access to and use the information in these cookies for their own purposes. We encourage you to consult their respective privacy and cookie policies, and get in touch with the hosts of social networking platforms.

Storage Duration of Cookies

1.11    The cookies we use have two types of storage duration:

a)         the session cookies only store information for the duration of your browser session and the information will be deleted after the session is completed or the web browser is closed; and

b)         the persistent cookies store the information on your browser after your session is completed. All persistent cookies have an expiration date programmed into their code, but their duration can vary. Please refer to the list of expiration dates for the various cookies here.  For CapitaLand websites, a first-party cookie is stored up to a maximum period of 12 months. As third-party cookies are subject to third-party policies, please contact these third parties or consult their respective privacy and cookie policies to change the settings according to your preferences. Please note that all persistent cookies will remain on your hard drive until you erase them; or your browser does, if you decide to remove them.

Additional cookies

1.12      In addition to the cookies described above, we may also use other cookies on our websites in future. These additional cookies will generally be used for the purposes described above. In this case your consent will not need to be renewed but this Cookie Policy will be updated accordingly and we will inform you of this update on our websites.

If the additional cookies are used for other purposes, or to collect other types of data, or provide new functionality, this Cookie Policy will be updated accordingly and your consent will be required before we deploy these new cookies on your device.

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

1.13    Some of the CapitaLand Group’s websites use GTM. This service allows website tags to be managed through an interface. GTM only implements tags and not cookies, and no personal data is collected through the interface. The GTM triggers other tags, which in turn collect the data as listed here if necessary. However, the GTM does not access this data.

How to change browser settings

1.14    The way in which cookies can be managed depends on your browser. The following links provide information on how to configure or disable cookies in each browser:

We do not collect personal identifiable information of children

1.15    We take the privacy of children very seriously. We do not knowingly collect (nor do we wish to collect) any personal identifiable information from children who are below the age of 16. In the event we are notified or made aware that such information has been collected, we will delete that information from our database and terminate the corresponding account, if any.

Monetarization of Personal Data in Cookies and other Identifiers

1.16    CapitaLand Group does not monetise your personal data, nor is it aware of any monetarization of your personal data by third-party advertisers or social networking platform without your consent.

Legal Disclaimers

1.17    As CapitaLand Group cannot technically control the installation of third-party cookies, third-party social media cookies and other identifiers, our references to these cookies and their tracking systems installed by third parties in this Policy are to be considered indicative. All online users are kindly requested to consult the privacy policy for the respective third-party services so as to obtain full and complete information, given the objective complexity surrounding the identification of technologies based on Cookies and other Identifiers.

1.18    CapitaLand Group cannot technically manage the cookie setting in shared computing terminal or device that is used to access our websites.  Please always check the prior cookies setting at any shared terminal or device you intend to use, and (re)configure accordingly to your own preference.

Data Controller

CapitaLand Group, 168 Robinson Road, #30-01, #30-01 Capital Tower, Singapore 068912

Feedback and complaints

1.19    If you have any questions regarding this Cookie Policy or complaints on data ethics, please contact us at:

All countries (except EU, UK and Georgia)

Name: Lena Siau, Group Data Protection Officer, CapitaLand Investment Limited


Number: +65 6713 3107

EU, UK and Georgia

For individuals residing in the EU (except Germany) and Georgia, please contact the Data Protection Officer below:

Name: Stephane Mayere


Number: +33 1 4105 7879

For residents residing in Germany, please contact the Data Protection Officer below: 

Name: Daniela Hartjes


Number: + 33 1 4105 7881

(As at 4 December 2023)