10 Fat Burning Exercises To Add To Your Routine

Exercising doesn’t have to be torturous. If you’ve never tried High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), now’s the time to Live It Up!

Exercising doesn’t have to be difficult or torturous. If you’ve never tried High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), now’s the time to hit it up. HIIT incorporates short bursts of easy body-weight exercises that you can do at home to effectively burn a large number of calories in the shortest amount of time possible. Talk about efficiency!

Here are 10 fat burning exercises tried-and-tested by the community to kickstart your HIIT routine*:

  • 10 Fat Burning Exercises

    * For a full workout, repeat each exercise for 45 seconds, and rest for 15 seconds. Target to complete 3 sets of these 10 exercises daily to burn fat fast! 

    1. Burpees
      Start by driving your heart rate up with burpees, which is a triple threat exercise that tones your core, upper body and legs all at once. 
    2. Jumping lunges
      Turn a basic lunge into an incredible calorie burner by adding momentum as you jump straight into the air to land with the opposite arm and leg in front, and repeat.  
    3. Mountain climbers
      In a push-up plank position, alternate driving each leg up to your chest as fast as you can to make the most out of this ultimate fat burning move.
    4. Jumping squats
      Just like the jumping lunge, make your squats work harder to burn fat for you by adding in an explosive jump in between a regular bodyweight squat! Similarly, this adds a cardio element to a basic strengthening move for effective fat burning.
    5. Push ups
      Push ups can be intimidating if you’re new to fitness, but you can start with a beginner modification by first doing a push up on your knees before slowly building up to a regular push up. As you advance, try the Single Leg Push Up to keep challenging yourself!
    6. High knees
      High knees are deceivingly simple but this full body move is a test of your endurance. Simply jog on the spot while raising your knees up to waist height and keep going for as long as you can!
    7. Bicycle crunches
      Don’t neglect your core! Strengthen your lower abs with this killer abdominal move by alternating your elbows to the opposite side of your knees while lying flat on your back. 
    8. Jumping jacks
      An oldie but a goldie, jumping jacks are a great form of cardio that burn fat at a rapid rate, promoting weight loss. You know the drill from those days of the Great Singapore Workout—simply lift your arms up in the air while you jump with your legs apart and keep it going!
    9. Leg raises
      To nail this slightly advanced lower body exercise, raise your legs up together while keeping your back flat and your abs pushed down. Once they’re at a 90-degree angle to your body, carefully lower them back down to the starting position and repeat until your abdominal muscles start feeling that sweet, sweet burn. 
    10. Crab plank
      No workout routine is complete without a plank of some form. To turn a regular plank into a fat burner, hold the position and walk yourself to one side with your hands and feet, then back again.
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Additional tips for comprehensive wellness 

Tip 1: Supplement workouts with targeted nutrition  

To maximise your HIIT routine, supplement your workout with Fitness First’s The Define Booster to ensure that your body is effectively breaking down fat for energy rather than valuable muscle. Fitness First is also offering a complimentary health assessment for all first timers! 

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Tip 2: Go light on some days  

A common misconception is that you have to train hard everyday. Resting in between workouts helps your body tissue to heal and grow, resulting in stronger muscles in the long run. 

On alternating days, try pilates for muscle recovery while staying active. All you need is an exercise mat to do this 30-minute pilates workout at home.

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Tip 3: Practise mindfulness

While it’s important to take care of your physical health by staying active, maintaining your mental health is also crucial in achieving overall health and wellness that you can sustain in the long term.

Health Promotion Board (HPB) has made practising mindfulness easy with a curated playlist of Relaxation Audio Exercises available on Spotify.

Besides this relaxation playlist, Stay Well To Stay Strong is an initiative by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) where you can find plenty of workout plans, nutrition tips,and even wellness content curated for seniors.

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