Beginner’s Guide: How To Build An Affordable And Sustainable Wardrobe

Here are 5 great sustainable fashion practices to build an affordable and sustainable wardrobe.

In the world of fast fashion, clothes come at an affordable yet harmful cost. Contributing to 10% of the world’s carbon emissions, fast fashion is the second-largest consumer when it comes to the world’s water supply, polluting oceans with microplastics and more. So it’s time to move over fast fashion! Let’s resolve to be more environmentally friendly by building an affordable and sustainable wardrobe together! 

If it sounds daunting to you, the good news is that change doesn’t have to happen overnight. Here are five great sustainable fashion practices from The Green Collective SG, The Fashion Pulpit, and For the Love of Laundry that you can adopt:

1. Participate in clothes swapping

The Fashion Pulpit's store
The Fashion Pulpit at Conscious Festival

Clothes swapping allows you to constantly update your wardrobe in a way that is both kind to your wallet and the environment. According to clothes swap platform and social enterprise The Fashion Pulpit, swapping a shirt instead of buying a new piece possibly helps our Earth to save enough water for one person to drink for 2 ½ years! Besides protecting our precious planet, clothes swapping also allows you to explore new styles without breaking the bank. 

Make swapping easy by signing up for a first time trial swap with The Fashion Pulpit at only $10!

The trial entitles you to swap up to 3 fashion items—including clothes, bags, accessories, and shoes. This limited-time offer is only valid for a first time swapper only, available until 31 December 2020. Redeem your trial now at!

2. Avoid fast fashion, shop ethical

The Green Collective SG at Funan Mall

Fast fashion is falling out of fashion, fast (pun fully intended). Clothing from fast fashion brands may be cheaper, but every dollar that you contribute to ethical brands goes a long way to support local communities and artisans, which in turn provides a living wage for them to break out of poverty through their own means.

The Green Collective SG works closely with sustainable fashion labels such as The Handmade Romantics and aNERDstore to empower brands and consumers alike to shop consciously and live responsibly. 

Shop ethical brands online at The Green Collective at or visit their physical store at #02-18, Funan Mall.

3. Dry clean with care

Treat your laundry as you would the environment—with the utmost love and care. Did you know that dry cleaning reduces fast fashion by extending the lifespan of your favourite clothes, which breaks the cycle of constantly buying new clothes to upkeep your wardrobe? However, be wary when choosing your dry cleaners as most commercial cleaners use a petroleum-based solvent (Perc), which damages clothes over time and also poses severe health and environmental risks. 

This is why we recommend For the Love of Laundry, the only dry cleaning company in Singapore to clean purely with GreenEarth, a toxin-free technology. Unlike regular harsh solvents which damage the fibres of your clothing, For the Love of Laundry utilises an all-natural liquid silicone that preserves even the most delicate of your wardrobe pieces to keep them clean while protecting the environment.

Get $30 off your first laundry load when you clean with For the Love of Laundry.

Visit or their physical store at #02-21 Asia Square, Tower 2 to book a slot!

4. Stick to the basics

Yes, we know Ariana Grande preaches about buying yourself all of your favorite things in her iconic song ‘7 Rings’, but listen to us: STOP GOING ON SHOPPING SPREES!

You don’t actually need to constantly shop for new clothes if you have a wardrobe of timeless basics. Resolve to build a long-lasting yet versatile wardrobe by buying only what you really need, and shop quality over quantity.

SAGASEED — Comfortable, sustainable maternity clothes

The Green Collective SG has a great collection of wardrobe basics, such as these classic natural fiber tanks and T-shirts from SAGASEED that are also bump-friendly! Perfect for all-day comfort, natural fibers are breathable, soft and well suited for those with allergic or sensitive skin. Besides being a comfortable material, natural fibers are sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, and carbon neutral, which makes it a more environmentally friendly choice over synthetic fibers.

Shop SAGASEED and more online at or visit The Green Collective physical store at #02-18, Funan Mall.

5. Opt for upcycled products

If you haven’t caught up to it already, upcycling is the latest trend in fashion. With so much waste generated on our planet, brands are consciously giving discarded materials a second life.

At The Green Collective SG, you can find sustainable brands like Muta.Wear, which makes unique fashion pieces and accessories from fabric remnants and vintage fabrics. If you’re a frequent beach-goer, build your beachwear collection with August Society swimsuits that are manufactured from waste plastic bottles, discarded fishing nets, and old carpets.

Muta.Wear — Transforming waste into beauty
August Society — Sustainable swimwear made with care

That’s not all—For the Love of Laundry is also in on the upcycling trend! The dry cleaning company upcycles all plastic hangers left behind by customers to sustainable fashion vendors so that abandoned hangers can continue to receive more love by humans instead of going straight to the wastelands.

Now that you’ve got these tips, remember to shop consciously and choose the brands that you buy from wisely. Start building an affordable and more sustainable wardrobe today! 

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