Water The Community Plant (30 Nov - 6 Dec)

[The Water The Community Plant challenge has ended.]

Thank you for pledging to take on the challenges to create a positive change to the environment and your wellbeing! With over 900 pledges received from the community, we've unlocked the highest prize pool of  3,000,000 STAR$ (equivalent to $3,000 worth of CapitaVouchers)*!

Stay tuned for the announcement of winners!

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Take on these challenges at your own time and pace and learn how to positively impact the environment and your wellbeing with new knowledge and actionable steps!

  • Day 1: Clear 50 Emails From Your Inbox

    What’s the big fuss over old emails? You’ll be surprised to know that gigantic server farms are required just to store email data and keep our inboxes alive. Running 24/7, these servers consume huge amounts of energy and require massive cooling systems. A typical business worker can easily produce 135kg of CO2e in a year, simply by sending emails! This is equivalent to driving 322 kilometres in a family car. 

    A digital declutter is one of the quickest and easiest way to reduce our electricity consumption, shrink our carbon footprint and in turn, make our planet a little greener.

  • Day 2: Eat 1 vegetarian/vegan meal today

    Going vegan is widely regarded as one of the most sustainable way of eating. Compared to meat and dairy-based diets, a plant-based diet requires only one third of the land for food production. Furthermore, with food accounting for a quarter of global carbon emissions, animal products make up a shocking 58%!

    While making a complete switch would be a difficult ask, we can all play our part by incorporating more greens into our meal!

  • Day 3: Write down 5 things you are thankful for

    Reap the benefits of gratitude. Research has shown that grateful people tend to be happier, healthier, better able to cope with stress and deal with adversity. For a start, simply take a moment to appreciate what you have, rather than focusing on what you think you deserve. Eventually, you can make it a habit! Furthermore, studies have shown that a 5-minute daily gratitude journal may help increase your long-term well-being by more than 10%. 

    What are the 5 things you are thankful for? Write them down and place the list somewhere visible, on your desk wall or the fridge!

  • Day 4: Declutter by recycling or exchanging 3 items with a colleague or a friend!

    New purchases or unnecessary shopping may not exactly be the kindest thing we can do for our planet. Especially in fast fashion, every piece of new clothing may be a product of countless harmful chemicals and dyes.

    By recycling what you have or doing an item swap, you can help reduce the load on the environment and preventing one more item from getting dumped into the landfills. 

    Find your nearest Salvation Army Donation Booths and drop by to donate your pre-loved items for a good cause! P.S. there’s also one right at Ascent and The Aries at Singapore Science Park!

  • Day 5: Turn off push notifications of at least 5 apps on your mobile

    Give yourself a break — turn the notifications off and you might be surprised by how it impacts your brain. Some  studies have suggested that it takes a full 23 minutes to recover your focus after getting distracted. 

    Be it a popup, vibration or sound alert, a notification is designed to get your attention and trigger a host of emotions, chemical reactions and side effects. From signs of excitement, stress and anxiety, to even feelings of addiction, they can be hard to ignore. 

    Here’s a small step forward to improve your productivity! By structuring a schedule for phone usage, you can still stay informed and not let notifications compromise your effectiveness at work.

  • Day 6: Go for a 30-minute stroll with a loved one or friend!

    t’s finally the weekend! Take a break and catch some fresh air around the neighbourhood park! Not only does walking strengthen the heart, it does a great job in boosting energy and improving your mood. If you’re working from home, grab a family member and head out for a mental boost. If you’re looking for extra motivation, walking even reduces cravings and intake of sugary snacks! 

    Do you know that we have 350 parks and 4 nature reserves in Singapore? If you’re up for it, take a hike at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve or check out the views at Lower and Upper Peirce Reservoir! For a roaring good time, head over to the new Jurassic Mile along Changi Airport Connector for some prehistoric adventure! 

  • Day 7: Offer up a compliment to 3 colleagues or friends

    A little encouragement goes a long way. Be the positive spark within your circle of friends and make their day! Compliments show appreciation, which is a basic human need. Interestingly, giving compliments benefit both the receiver and giver. Scientists found that whenever you pay a compliment, it actually lights up the same parts of your brain that get activated when you receive a monetary reward. It can be as simple as appreciating your mum for a sumptuous dinner or praising your friend’s new haircut!

    Just remember, besides giving out appreciation - it is equally important to learn how to graciously accept compliments too!