CCT Gifts of Joy 2017

On 8 and 9 November 2017, more than 150 tenants volunteered their time to prepare and manage activities in CapitaLand Commercial Trust (CCT) Gifts of Joy’s inaugural sports day – a fresh concept in this year’s volunteering activity for students at Rainbow Centre, Margaret Drive, CCT’s adopted charity for 2017.

Since its inception in 2013, CCT Gifts of Joy was designed to spread love and cheer to underprivileged children during the festive season.

This year, following feedback from volunteers who requested for more interaction time with beneficiaries, the sports day was conceptualised to cater for more engagement between both parties, as well as promote inclusivity and create opportunities for our beneficiaries to play sports and build their self-confidence and social skills.

In the lead up to the event, collection points were set up at selected CCT buildings for tenants to adopt wishes and buy gifts for the students to be distributed on the sports day. A total of 466 wishes and gifts were adopted and contributed by our tenants at CapitaGreen, Capital Tower, One George Street, Six Battery Road and Twenty Anson from 16 October to 3 November.

A group of volunteers then spent a day sorting, wrapping presents and writing some messages for students aged between one to 18. These group of volunteers also helped to set up and decorate the game stations in preparation for the sports day held the next day.  

For Chong Wai Mee, a CapitaLand employee who volunteered on the 8th November, it was a meaningful activity wrapping gifts for the beneficiaries.

“[There was] nothing fanciful but very practical gifts. We wrapped the gifts using heart than speed and conserved the material so that wrapping became a very mindful task,” she added.

On the sports day, students came at stipulated timings to the various game stations around the school. Over 367 students participated in games managed by the volunteers who were assigned the role of a game station master and were accompanied by the volunteers, who were assigned the role of a befriender.  

A total of four different games were designed to be inclusive for students of various disabilities to play, as well as reinforce some of the skills that they had already learnt. For example, the students were taught how to dribble a ball during their physical education lessons, and in one of the game stations, this provided the opportunity to put what they had learnt into practice as they had to dribble the ball from the start to the end whilst avoiding the ‘landmines’.

This year also saw a strong participation of volunteers from tenants such as Borouge, Chubb Insurance, Crédit Agricole, Linklaters, P2 Group Asia and TSMP Law Corporation who sent in more than five staff to take part in this activity to give back to the community.

P2 Group Asia, a tenant at Twenty Anson, who sent in 10 volunteers to participate in the activity had some staff who were assigned to manage two game stations – Bowling and Search & Toss. Office Manager Sue Abas, who was managing the latter game station shared how seeing the smiles on one of the student’s faces after he managed to find an orange in the box was a memorable experience for her in the sports day.

Annie Yeoh from Chubb Insurance, a tenant at CapitaGreen who was assigned the role of a befriender shared this event “gave her the exposure to the needs and care needed for special children.”

As befrienders, Yeoh among others, brought the students from station to station, played games with them as well as distributed gifts to them. 

What started out as an initiative to bring joy to the beneficiaries brought much joy in return to our volunteers as well.

For first-time volunteer Roy Quek from Harney Westwood & Riegels, a tenant at CapitaGreen, this event benefitted him by allowing him to build bonds across tenants together with CapitaLand's volunteers. Quek was a befriender to a class of students in the morning and a game station master in the afternoon. 

“With increased participation in future, it could help build a more pleasant atmosphere in CCT's premises, where tenants and staff say hi to one another when bumping into each other in the lobby and knowing the office building is not just a cold structure but a vibrant community with a heart,” he adds.

Indeed, the activity reinforced what this annual philanthropic activity had set to achieve - to bring the office tenant community and CapitaLand employees together, bonding through activities such as the purchase, wrapping and delivery of gifts as well as an inaugural sports day, to bring joy to the beneficiaries.