A week of wellness

CCT launched Wellness Week on 30 July to 3 August, offering our tenants a variety of health-related activities, including workshops, talks and workout sessions, and food and beverage promotions aimed at championing three different elements of well-being – the mind, body and spirit.

Over 600 tenants took part in a total of 31 activities, including talks on a variety of topics, such as dental health and eyecare, a range of workshops, including water brush calligraphy and urban farming, as well as trampoline workout and yoga sessions, among others.

The event, which also aimed to bring fun to the workplace and promote community bonding through exercise, was well received, with most of the activities almost fully subscribed.

It was held in collaboration with 15 partners, including the Health Promotion Board, Breast Cancer Foundation and nine CCT tenants: Artemis Grill, Da Paolo, Fitness First, General Mills, Grain Traders, Gravity, T32 Dental Group, The Executive Centre and The Great Room.

“There was a good mix of talks and exercises,” said Ms Angie Ng, GIC, Capital Tower. “I hope to see more of such healthy and wholesome activities for tenants. Big thanks for organising such activities for us!”

To view photos of this event, visit bit.ly/wellnessweek2018