As the adage goes, health is wealth. Without good health, it can be difficult for us to do anything – perform at work, take care of our kids or even relax on days off. Tenants of CapitaLand Commercial Trust (CCT) share their tips on how they stay healthy while keeping to their busy agendas.

Bottle it!

Water is essential to good health, and getting your eight glasses a day helps keep your mood and energy levels stable and enables your body to carry out its normal functions.

“Have a filled water bottle handy and remember to take sips of water often,” says Hussaini Firdaus, finance accountant at Rakuten Asia, CapitaGreen.

Less is more

Eating the right amounts and not going overboard at meals not only helps you stave off the kilos, but also keeps your energy levels stable throughout your busy workday.

Said Cavin Choo, country head of Singapore and Malaysia at Wells Fargo Bank, CapitaGreen: “I’m not into specific diets and feel that we should be free to eat anything we like. The caveat here is to eat in moderation, to stop before your stomach tells you that you’re full.”

Agreeing, Kin Koon Lee, team leader, System Support Group at Rakuten Asia, said: “We are what we eat. If you eat more than you should for the day, go for a walk or do some exercise to burn off those extra calories.” 

"Healthy living is first and foremost about having the right attitude, and then it's about taking action"

Andrew Phillips (third from left), Managing Director, Fitness First, Capital Tower

Give me a break

Taking short breaks is useful in relieving fatigue and keeps you fired up throughout the day.

“I try to take two-minute breaks by standing up for a bit after sitting in front of the computer for too long,” said Zhong Qing, a mobile engineer at Rakuten Viki. “This break can be used to do short exercises like squats, which can help keep you energised.”

Longer breaks where you participate in a group activity with co-workers not only keep you refreshed, but are also fun and contribute to team bonding. Said Qing: “I also try to play some table tennis with colleagues at around 4pm every day.” 

Mobile engineer Zhong Qing (right) takes a break with a colleague during the workday

Be happy, positive, eat the right foods, stay hydrated, and get closer to nature! It will purify you.

Stefie Chin, Rakuten Viki, CapitaGreen

Make it a habit

Wells Fargo's Cavin Choo at a mass cycling event

Creating and staying in the habit of exercising makes it less of a pain when it comes to psyching yourself to work out. Regular exercise helps reduce stress and increase your energy levels so you can get more work done in the day.

“It is easy to create excuses not to exercise,” said Andrew Phillips, managing director at Fitness First, Capital Tower. “But humans are creatures of habit, so commit to training regularly, even if you can spare only 20 minutes. When you exercise for even the smallest amount of time, you perpetuate this extremely important habit.”

One way of cultivating this habit and getting some exercise in your busy day is to cycle to work, something that Wells Fargo’s Choo does. “I cycle to work once a week and when the weather permits,” he said. 

My tip is to find friends to work out together and make it fun. Then, you will not want to miss your regular workout!

Rika Matsui (third from left), Rakuten, CapitaGreen

To promote healthy living and foster interaction between tenants, CCT is organising “Wellness Week” – a special line-up of activities focused on health and wellness in the last week of July. Tenants can look forward to programmes such as lunchtime talks, workshops, retail promotions and special workout classes.

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