If you are among the majority of workers in Singapore who spend a third of their day seated at a des chances are you suffer or have suffered from neck and shoulder pains, headaches, poor posture or similar ailments. According to Dr Tim Errington, founder of Total Health Chiropractic, Capital Tower, 80 to 90 per cent of the corporate set here suffer from what he calls “Silicon Valley Syndrome”, thanks to the long hours spent staring at computer screens from a seated position. Its symptoms include a stiff neck and tight shoulders along with a sharp pain going down the spine.

“If we spend all day, every day sitting with poor posture in a flexed position, the body will gradually lose its shape and decondition. This will inevitably lead to pain and a stressed-out nervous system.

Damage gradually builds up until we suffer degeneration and, ultimately, loss of health,” he added.

Dr Errington also shared that he is seeing worsening posture and deconditioning at an increasingly younger age. “This is extremely worrying as such individuals can never go on to reach their best health. In all likelihood, they will be stiff and arthritic in their 40s and lose decades to pain and suffering.”

It was for this reason that Total Health Chiropractic recently opened its newest branch at Capital Tower, to bring Dr Errington’s chiropractic solutions to office workers in the area. The clinic, located on Level 9, provides services that include spinal adjustments — a core chiropractic treatment. These adjustments involve using gentle and specific forces to realign joint subluxations, or small misalignments of the vertebrae, and normalise spine function.

Photo: Total Health Chiropractic

“By realigning the spine, correcting posture and improving the function of all the spinal joints, not only is pain greatly reduced or eradicated, but the body also becomes more efficient, stress is lowered and the nervous system works better,” Dr Errington explained. It also leads to better sleep and a stronger immune system.

Apart from getting good chiropractic care, Dr Errington recommends moving around more, improving our posture and listening to our bodies by taking note of aches and pains. “We must do more to balance the effects brought on by our deskbound jobs. This means taking an interest in our body, listening to how it communicates with us and having strategies to restore and maintain a healthy balance.”

Total Health Chiropractic’s newest clinic will join the mix of wellness solutions offered by CapitaLand’s Office of the Future initiative at Capital Tower. Dr Errington and his team will deliver to patients their range of palliative and corrective solutions, with a particular focus on prevention.

Other services and amenities the clinic offers include an exercise area, a state-of-the-art foot scanner to ensure healthy feet and rehab services provided by specialists. The clinic will also conduct workshops and wellness talks covering topics such as chiropractic care, posture, stress, nutrition and more.

“We are committed to educating the public and bringing our award-winning wellness services to where they are most needed — and that is inside or close to our clients’ workplaces,” said Dr Errington.


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For more information, visit totalhealthchiropractic.com.sg/capitaland-tenants-promo.

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