1. What’s one thing someone new to whisky should know to appreciate it?

Keep an open mind. When going into the wonderful world of whiskies, you have to expect to be surprised at every sip. Each whisky will give you a totally different experience.

2. What’s the best way to enjoy drinking whisky?

There is only one way to enjoy drinking whisky, and that would be how you like to enjoy your whisky. There is no right or wrong way. The time of day and where you are may play a part. For example, if you are sitting by the pool in the middle of the day, you can enjoy a whisky highball; before dinner, you could maybe enjoy a nice whisky on the rocks; after dinner, a perfect dram of whisky neat. So, it really depends on what your preference is — though I do highly recommend having The Macallan over an ice ball.

Photo: Edrington

3. What are some current trends in whisky?

There are several right now, like the appearance of a few new micro-distilleries, more maturation experiments and a growing appreciation of whisky cocktails. These are all great for introducing whisky to someone who has not tried it, and help ease them into the world of whiskies.

4. What’s your personal favourite whisky, and why?

My all-time favourite would be The Macallan Rare Cask, as it is complex and multilayered, with many different flavours and aromas that are reminiscent of  Christmas for me, with notes of ginger, vanilla, raisins, orange, nutmeg and cinnamon. This is a whisky that has a lot of character and showcases our exceptional oak casks.

5. What are some tips you have for pairing the different types of whisky with a festive meal?

Look at the flavours that you are showcasing in your meal and pair accordingly. You don’t want the whisky or food overpowering each other. For instance, if you are serving a dish that is lighter in texture and flavour, you might want to look at pairing it with a whisky that has a lighter profile.

Photo: Edrington

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