A Survival Guide For The September Holidays

One week of school holidays can actually fly by with these fun and enriching activities, no matter what your kid is into.

The arrival of the school holidays brings about much excitement for the kids, but some trepidation for parents. Yes, we know that for some, there’s a bit of catching up on subjects and holiday home-work that needs to be done, but learning can and should take place outside of the classroom as well.

The lifting of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) measures bring with it some relief—allowing families to engage in activities outdoors, where there are many ways children can have a fun and educational experience while remaining safe. Below, we’ve curated some suggestions , but you can also look at these activities as ways to develop other areas in your kid that they haven’t explored. The best part? Some of these are free!

For The Kid Who Loves The Great Outdoors

This is for your child if she is happy to be in nature, and is curious about the way the world works. She isn’t afraid to get a little sticky and dirty from a day of exploration.

What she might enjoy:

1. Kids with a green thumb can learn simple gar-dening and build their own terrariums at The Green Capsule, where kids can learn how to make their own terrariums. The workshops held at Funan teach kids how to creatively craft jars of plants and rocks, and getting their hands dirty may leave them with a better appreciation of the complexity and beauty of nature.

2.  Jewel Changi Airport’s famous Rain Vortex is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall—perfect for days when the wet weather puts a dampener on your plans. You can read up about how the Rain Vortex works here and impress your children with your knowledge, while taking a stroll around the cavernous garden. Here’s a fun activity to try: see how many of the 200 different species of plants your kids can count.

Build your own terrarium with materials from The Green Capsule | Photo: The Green Capsule

For The Kids Who Can’t Sit Still

This is for your child if he is always late for dinner because he lost track of time while playing block catching. You can already sense that he's going to be bouncing off the walls if he doesn't have an outlet for all their pent-up energy.

What he might enjoy:

1.  Learn to skate! Whether your child wants to ice dance or skate recreationally, The Rink at JCube offers lessons for kids.. The ice has reserved hours for public skating as well so the whole family can join in at Singapore's first and largest ice skating rink. Check out this Family Bundle for a sweet deal. 

2.  Join in the fun with your kids at Amazing Castle at Bugis+, which brings arcade games to life. Here, your kids might find themselves in the middle of a real-life Space Invaders game, controlled by a giant sea-saw.

3. If your child’s a daredevil who needs a bit more adrenaline to get going, Climb Central in Funan is just the spot. Your kids can warm up at the shorter walls in the boulder unit, before scaling the highest climbing walls in the civic district. Just be warned: they might ask you to give it a go too.

Arcade games come to life at Amazing Castle. Photo: The Smart Local.

For The Kids Who Love Animals

This is for your child if she is fascinated by the animal kingdom. From safaris to the ocean, she is curious to see and learn all about creatures big and small, cute and dangerous.

What she might enjoy:

1.  If you’re not one to sweat it out by the sea or at a pond, Fish@Bugis+ is Singapore’s only indoor air-conditioned rooftop fishing/prawning pond that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—a good place to have some quality conversations with your kid while waiting for a bite.

2.  Bringing the wilderness experience to children, Zoomov’s Doodly Woods at Westgate is an artsand-crafts playground where children’s imaginations are set free to create their own animal crafts. Interested in a safari expedition? Kids can jump aboard a mooving animal and explore Junction 8 or Westgate.

For The Kids Who Love Food

This is for your child if he enjoys the simple pleasures of eating and drinking. He may always be asking for a snack or possibly be the next Junior Masterchef.

What he might enjoy:

1.  The September holidays fall right in the middle of the Singapore Food Festival. CapitaLand’s Explore The City invites everyone to the dinner table—discover the world of food, find new dining spots, and enjoy a family meal together. Your kids can go on a journey in search of their favourite foods or try something new at over 40 participating stores at Bugis Town, Clarke Quay, Funan, Plaza Singapura, and Raffles City.

Your child might just be the next Masterchef—hone their culinary skills at ABC Cooking Studio. Photo: ABC Cooking Studio’s Facebook page.


2.  Introduce your children to the art and science of cooking and baking at ABC Cooking Studio at Westgate and Funan, where they’ll learn to make meatballs (that look like a bear) and broccoli gratin and soup. Fancy something local? Kids can also learn to make Ang Ku Kueh in just 45 minutes at Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueh at Bugis. Cooking is a life skill that might also help them to better appreciate all the meals you’ve put together!

For The Kids Who Like To Express Themselves 

This is for your child if she has her artworks plastered across your refrigerator door, or is constantly putting on impromptu song and dance concerts for the family. She loves the opportunity to get creative and think out of the box.

What she might enjoy:

1. There are a whole host of art and craft workshops available across CapitaLand malls, including art jamming at Arteastiq in Plaza Singapura where your kids can go freeform on a canvas while you relax with a cup of artisanal tea. If your child is deeply interested in art and finds their school’s curriculum lacking, Artgrain at Telepark in Tampines delves more deeply into art education, with various courses catered to different age groups.

2.  If your kid wants to be the next K-Pop star, DF Academy at Westgate is where he or she can work on their groove, with almost a hundred classes conducted weekly. Alternatively, Dancepointe Academy at JCube has courses in classical ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance for children who are still figuring out what style they’re interested in, but just know that they love to move.

Dancing can help to build poise and discipline. Photo: Dancepointe Academy’s Facebook page.

For Those Who Are Kids At Heart 

The school holidays might be a chance for enrichment and learning, but it’s also one of the few moments each year that all in the family  spend time together. After your kids have tired themselves out, and you’ve also exhausted your energy chaperoning them for the day, why not check into lyf @ Funan or Ascott Orchard for a surprise staycation with the kids, and enjoy all the comfort of a hotel, with all the convenience of the city centre? If you haven’t used up your SingapoRediscovers vouchers, this is the perfect chance to do so—check out the promos here and here.

Find a home after a long day at lyf @ Funan.

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