QUIZ: What type of CBD worker are you?

What do you enjoy most about working in the CBD? Is it the peak hour rush? The variety of food options? Take this quiz and we’ll tell you what kind of CBD worker you are.

Love it or hate it, working in the CBD is certainly an experience on its own. Whether you enjoy having a coffee shop at every corner or the convenience of having services within reach, there is something for everyone in the CBD. Curious to find out what kind of CBD worker you are? Answer our short quiz below to find out!

A.      Mentally preparing your to-do list and thinking about what you can accomplish at work today.

B.      The thought of that rewarding cold brew from the cafe near your office. Extra points because the barista is  always cheerful and friendly in the mornings. 

C.      Using the commute to catch up on the latest news via social media or planning your route based on bus and train congestion updates. 

D.     The scenic route as you cycle to work. It’s nice to take in some nature before jumping into the endless meetings and stressful deadlines. 

A.      You give your junior colleagues a few casual hints on how to improve their presentation skills based on the meeting the team just had. 

B.      A new food hunt that just opened a few minutes from the office, the opening promotion they are currently having, and when should you all go to check it out.

C.      Show them how you can control the appliances at your house via your smart home app, and even dispense a treat for your pet dog using your app.

D.      You show them your Stasher bag, the reusable storage bag you ordered and how convenient it is to use if you’re bringing your own food

A.      Finding out if your boss is keen to give a short talk about on their experiences or interviewing them for the company newsletter. 

B.      Say no more, you know the best place we can order food from that everyone will like (and also within the department budget).

C.      Definitely in charge of putting together the slideshow of your boss’ 30+ years in the company.

D.      Hunting for the perfect farewell gift that won’t be a waste of resources and will definitely be a meaningful memento. 

A.      Start working on it since you have time and you’re looking forward to that meeting anyway. 

B.      Say that you’ll start work on it tomorrow after you’ve had your morning cuppa.

C.      You ask if the presentation can be a video or purely visuals because text-heavy presentations are so passé. 

D.     You try to keep the research to just the essential facts so the team won’t have to print so many pages of paper for the meeting. 

A.      Rewarding yourself with a quiet evening where you can just kick back and relax after a hard day’s work — you’ve earned it!

B.      Definitely after-work drinks with colleagues or friends. 

C.      Some retail therapy to upgrade your home theatre system. The bigger the screen, the better, right? 

D.       Get new pots for your plants. Your home garden is slowly taking shape.

Ready to find out what type of CBD worker you are? Read on for the results!


If your answers were mostly As, you’re a passionate professional

You enjoy working in the CBD and are always thinking of ways to improve work functions and processes. You also tend to be nurturing towards younger colleagues, mentoring them to help improve their skills because you understand how important it is to work efficiently as a team. You are sometimes called a workaholic but you know when to stop and take a breather.

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If your answers were mostly Bs, you’re a foodie
You know the best new places for lunch (and dinner), and you certainly enjoy sharing cool finds when you stumble upon them. You tend to be more adventurous when it comes to food choices and won’t mind trying a new cuisine, and you have probably tried your hand at whipping up your favourite dishes at home, too.

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If your answers were mostly Cs, you’re a techie

You are definitely more tech-savvy than your colleagues and you enjoy taking on responsibilities that allow you to try and explore new apps or software that can help you or your team work efficiently. You’re also more likely to do everything via mobile apps — pay for purchases, order food, check movie timings, and find out bus and train timings.

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If your answers were mostly Ds, you’re an eco-warrior

We have only one Earth so we must take good care of it. You believe in leading a sustainable lifestyle and try to leave as little carbon footprint as possible. You bring your own containers and tumblers for take-aways, and you also enjoy supporting small businesses that have sustainable practices.

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