5 Ways to Celebrate Your Parents

No matter how old we are, we’ll always be our parents’ children. For their unending love, support, and guidance, we commemorate Parents’ Day on 1 June to celebrate all the wonderful parents out there! 

It’s no secret that being a parent is incredibly challenging. Yet, many parents take the role on in their stride, without expecting anything in return, out of pure love for their children. As such, our parents often become our first loves, first role models, and greatest supporters.

No matter how old we are, most of us can always rely on our dear mums and dads to bring us comfort and a sense of home. This Parents’ Day, we explore meaningful ways to celebrate parents and show our gratitude for all that they’ve done, and continue to do, in our lives.

Express heartfelt appreciation

Sometimes, the simplest gestures are the most powerful. When conveyed with sincerity, directly saying “Thank you” and “I love you” is the sure way to any parent’s heart. We know that it may take a little practice for words of affection to become natural for some, but it’s never too late to start.

However, that’s not the only means of showing appreciation. Hand-drawn notes and handwritten letters are great ways to pen down thoughts we wish to express but are perhaps too shy to, plus they become delightful keepsakes that can be treasured for a long time. Whatever your sentiment, you can be sure to find a card fit for it at Typo, a treasure trove of fun stationeries and gifts for any occasion.

And if words fail, a hug or kiss speaks volumes!

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Spend quality time together

In our busy lives, it’s easy to overlook the importance of spending time with our parents and we may even forget to prioritise them in our free time, especially if we no longer reside under the same roof. Well, Parent’s Day is a great excuse to pay your parents a visit and have a catch up, whether it’s staying in for a meal or going on an excursion together.

If your parents happen to be a bit of a sports fanatic, you won’t want to miss out on Game On Global Tour, an exclusive basketball exhibition where sports meets art, created by Spanish street artist Edgar Plans. Bring your parents down to Funan from now until 16 July to witness the larger-than-life—and extremely cute—sculptures of world-class basketball players such as Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant planted around the mall space. Get ready to put your b-ball skills to the test as you can even shoot some hoops in the artistically-decorated street basketball court at Funan’s centrestage on Level one!

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Capture sweet memories

As we grow older, it’s inevitable that we become more independent and spend more time away from the family home, not seeing our parents as often as we’d like. As such, our precious memories are what keep us going when we miss those near and dear to us. So each time you do meet, don’t forget to preserve your new fond memories too.

Since most of us now have a smartphone on hand, why not snap more photographs and videos to document the special moments spent together with your parents and loved ones? You can even invest in an instant film camera for quick and fun mementos that can be shared with all parties. Once you’ve accumulated a sizeable collection of pictures, compile them into an album, scrapbook, or photo frames for tangible reminders of the family. Art Friend has all that you need to put your art and craft skills to work, and make a sentimental gift for parents who will no doubt cherish these frozen moments for a lifetime.

Here’s a quick tip: Be sure to capture the mundane day-to-day interactions as much as the momentous occasions because they are often the memories we have trouble recalling, and yet treasure the most.

Offer your assistance

We should also acknowledge the significant responsibilities and demands that our parents have to bear everyday, which can often be overwhelming. Sometimes, basic acts of service are all your parents need to feel appreciated and cared for. This could include lending a helping hand whenever possible and supporting them through challenges both big and small.

A common area of many parents’ qualms is keeping up with technological advances that can considerably benefit them, particularly ageing parents who live alone. If you’re hoping to elevate your parents’ safety and convenience, you’ve got to try the Mi Smart Clock by Xiaomi. More than just a timekeeper, this smart gadget provides useful information on traffic conditions and news updates, as well as a seamless control of compatible home devices. For an added bonus, the Mi Smart Clock doubles as a digital photo frame to showcase all the beautiful images and videos that you’ve captured thus far. 

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Give a little treat

Practicalities aside, now’s the ideal time to spoil our parents a little—it is their special day after all.

To thank the parents who carry the weight of entire families on their shoulders, give them a well-deserving break while you help around the house for the day. For a total wind-down, we’d recommend a pamper session at Spacio TCM Wellness. Their impressive portfolio of wellness treatments spans from traditional methods to high-tech solutions, and you can now get an hour-long deep tissue massage with complimentary cupping or guasha (traditional Chinese skin scraping) for 74% off its original price at just $48*! 

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Since Fathers’ Day is around the corner, we should also give our amazing dads their time in the spotlight. But if you ask a father what gift he wants, he’d probably say, “Nothing.” That’s why you can’t go wrong with practical items—we’re talking daily necessities such as socks and shavers.

Speaking of essentials, PPP Coffee has the fix for those who are fuelled by caffeine. This Fathers’ Day, they’re offering complimentary capsule pods or coffee bags when you purchase the Morning coffee machine or Baratza coffee grinder** specially for the stellar dads in your lives. That said, we can’t wait for you to enjoy PPP Coffee’s rich and aromatic lattes, cappuccinos, and even hot chocolates.

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**Promotion ends 30 June. Terms and conditions apply.

In truth, you don’t need a special occasion to shower your parents with love—we’re sure that once in a while, they’d love to share a meal with you or be included in your adventures. Now that you have an idea of how to show some love and appreciation to your beloved mothers and fathers, let today be the start of celebrating the incredible parents and parental figures who have shaped our lives in immeasurable ways, every day.

Happy Parents’ Day to all parents, from your loving children!

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