About the Welcome Kit

The sections in this Welcome Kit entitled “House Rules” form part of the Rules referred to in tenancy agreements. Tenants must comply with the Rules and ensure that their employees, agents, contractors and permitted occupiers comply with the Rules.  

Tenants’ fitting-out and alteration (renovation) works must be done in compliance with the guidelines in the section entitled “Fitting Out Work Guidelines” as well as applicable provisions of the tenancy agreements. In addition, Tenants’ reinstatement works shall be done in accordance with the Reinstatement Guidelines (furnished to tenants on request) as well as applicable provisions of the tenancy agreements.   

The management reserves the right to revise the contents of the Welcome Kit at any time, including the rates for ancillary and miscellaneous services. Such revisions shall be effective and binding notwithstanding that tenant may have not received prior notice of such revisions; however, the updated rates will be available on request.

The building owner and management (and their directors, employees and agents) shall not be held liable for, and all persons (including tenants and other users of the Welcome Kit) shall not claim against the same, in respect of any loss or damage or liability of any nature arising from or incurred in consequence of any matter stated or not stated in the Welcome Kit. 

The contents of the Welcome Kit may not be exhaustive. Tenants remain fully responsible for adherence to the laws of Singapore and any directives and requirements of relevant authorities, which shall, in the event of an inconsistency with a matter stated in this Welcome Kit, take precedence to the extent of such inconsistency and to the extent necessary. Accordingly, tenants should engage the services of qualified consultants and professional advisers as required or when in doubt on any matter.