Accessories for Every Occasion

When it comes to accessories, there’s plenty of conflicting advice out there. “Less is more,” minimalist fashionistas chide, but getting rid of beloved bangles and polymer clay earrings could prove challenging to most. Accessories can make or break an outfit, so ensuring that they’re on-point is the key to looking good. Moving beyond jewellery, here are three other types of accessories that’ll be sure to turn heads!


When scarves reappeared on the fashion scene this spring, no one predicted that this microtrend would make waves on the shores of sunny Singapore, all the way from the runways of Burberry and ALEXACHUNG. Sidestep the weather issue by using silk and chiffon scarves – famously lightweight and chic, they’re a thoughtful addition to any outfit.


Take on the concrete jungle with this Leopard Print Chiffon Scarf from The Bluez! Knot it around your handbag handle or leave it around your neck – animal print will keep you at the top of the fashion food chain for sure. For something a little more feminine, NaNa Reve De la’s beautiful Pink Silk Scarf will be sure to add a touch of class to any ensemble. However, if you’re looking for whimsy in your life, this White Silk Scarf from NaNa Reve De la will be sure to win you over with its polka dots!

The Bluez: Leopard Print Chiffon Scarf

NaNa Reve De la: Pink Silk Scarf

NaNa Reve De la: White Silk Scarf


Remember that part in The Devil Wears Prada when Meryl Streep delivers a speech about the evolution of the colour cerulean in fashion, all while casually contemplating a pair of blue belts? Yep, that iconic scene. Belts aren’t just for function. Whether they’re threaded through trouser loops or cinching in the waist of a shift dress, belts exist to elevate an outfit.


This gold Grommet Belt from Charles & Keith can turn any humdrum outfit into a hot one! Their Textured Buckle Belt also adds dimension and elevates an outfit. But if you’re a fan of looking fierce, Aldo’s Adwudda belt will be sure to turn heads with its bold snakeskin print and double circle buckle! For something more toned down but still unique, the Laroreni belt is bringing bling back to town.

Charles & Keith: Grommet Belt

Charles & Keith: Textured Buckle Belt




In a world where you can tell the time just by glancing at the screen of your phone, are watches still necessary? Definitely! In fact, they’re a fashion statement all by themselves. A classic watch adds professionalism to any #OOTD, while a Fitbit on the wrist tells people you mean business about fitness. And, if you’re rich enough, a watch can even become an heirloom investment piece to be handed down to future generations.


When it comes to understated elegance, Daniel Wellington’s Petite Melrose fits the profile perfectly with its rose gold mesh strap. If you prefer a leather watch strap, check out the Solvil et Titus Quartz Analogue Watch in Silver White Dial and Leather Strap for a modern take on classic materials. Last but not least, for those who toe the line between ruggedness and femininity perfectly, we recommend the G-Shock’s GMAS120DP-4A, which comes in a beautiful pastel pink.

Daniel Wellington: Petite Melrose

Citychain: Solvil et Titus Quartz Analogue Watch

G-Shock: GMAS120DP-4A

Accessorising is all about balance. Never underestimate the power of an elegant belt or a beautiful scarf, and you’ll be in good hands! Be inspired by the good ol’ plain white tee for more outfit #inspo that complement these accessories.