Makeup seems sus? Sus...tainable

Eco-friendly makeup brands are the next big thing. Gone are the days of unfettered consumption — welcome to the new age of transparency and authenticity! As media sources continue to show the negative effects of conspicuous consumption on our planet, damaging precious resources, more people are increasingly hopping on the bandwagon and getting more eco-conscious. It was only a matter of time before beauty brands started embracing this ethos as well, leading to products that are good for the face and earth.

If you’ve always wanted to go green but don’t know how, kicking off by shopping for eco-friendly daily products is always a good place to start! Here's our six picks for all your facial needs.

I’m From Rice Mask

Always wanted to use an everyday food as a beauty product? The I'm From Rice Mask fulfills that dream while meeting your expectations — this wash-off mask is formulated with top-quality Yeoju Rice from the Gyeonggi province, and is said to bestow pearly white and flawless skin on its users.

The mask gently exfoliates skin, resulting in smooth, clear, and brightened skin tone and texture. This is achieved through the use of rice grains and rice powder within the mask, which help remove dead skin cells and other wastes. Thus, the mask helps rejuvenate and transform the skin to look more lively and clear.

But what makes this rice mask so special? For a start, Yeoju rice water is full of vitamin B1, B2, as well as other essential minerals that can help restore elasticity and firmness to the skin by tightening enlarged pores. In fact, this type of rice contains 3 times more dietary fiber than regular rice and contains an abundance of essential amino acids such as lysine and other active ingredients.


By Wishtrend Polyphenol in Propolis 15% Ampoule

Don’t be put off by the long and daunting name — let’s break down exactly what goes into this! First of all, this is a fairly powerful ampoule that is suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin. It contains all the good stuff that’ll keep your skin aglow even if you’re not feeling too hot, with powerful ingredients such as polyphenol, flavonoid, and houttuynia cordata extract, which helps soothe acne. Plus, the 15% Propolis has powerful antioxidant effects. With all these healthy ingredients, the ampoule promises to soothe fatigue and promote antioxidants, all while strengthening the skin’s immune system.

If you enjoy learning about the provenance of ingredients, you’ll be pleased to know that the Propolis extract is obtained from the Auvergne volcanic region in France, and contains two Polyphenols: Catechin, which is a natural antioxidant that helps prevent cell damage, and Quercetin, an abundant dietary flavonoid which can reduce inflammation, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels.

Plus, it’s free from sulfates, essential oils, fragrances, colorants, and silicone! And if you’re a fan of furry friends, you can rest easy and ensure your skin is kept healthy and nourished by this product, which has not been tested on animals.


BBIA Cashmere Shadow

When it comes to eyeshadows, you can show off your true self with these soft shades! BBIA Cashmere eyeshadow makes it a point to deliver rich colour and luxurious shine for an affordable price. With 5 highly-pigmented shades, ranging from flattering mattes to shimmer-drenched hues, this earth-friendly eyeshadow has everything you need to capture attention with a single glance.

Its colours are feminine yet vibrant — the carefully-curated lineup features easy-to-use combinations from soft berry to dusty copper, as well as rosy pink and golden taupe tones. With various textures and colors to suit both cool and warm tones, this eyeshadow packs a punch and is truly the best of both worlds!

Reviews rave about its easy, buttery application, while the shimmering pearl flecks add a gorgeous, duo-chromatic finish. If you’re worried about the glitter going everywhere, have no fear: their glitter formulas are infused with innovative silicones for advanced adherence, pigment dispersion, and luminosity that layers effortlessly on top of mattes, adding dreamy depth and dimension.

For a romantic night out on the town, the shade Rose Blanc is a clear favourite, but don’t be afraid to mix and match!


Eglips Saranghae Zoo Primer

Bad experiences with cakey foundation? Never fear, primers are here!

The mask gently exfoliates skin, resulting in smooth, clear, and brightened skin tone and texture. This is achieved through the use of rice grains and rice powder within the mask, which help remove dead skin cells and other wastes. Thus, the mask helps rejuvenate and transform the skin to look more lively and clear.If you’re after a fragrance-free primer that’ll even out your skin tone without breaking the bank, look no further than the Eglips Saranghae Zoo Primer! This cute and effective primer covers up pores and smoothens fine lines while keeping sebum at bay with silica powder for a silky finish and more long-lasting makeup.

As a primer, this silky product makes a great base for your foundation, letting you look flawless for a long period of time. Plus, it contains natural ingredients that moisturise your skin as the silica powder absorbs any oil your face produces, all while maintaining strong coverage! That’s a win-win in our book.


Eglips Natural Auto Eyebrow

When it comes to putting on your face, it’s a capital offense to leave your brows undone. Jazz up your brows while doing your bit for the earth with this silky smooth Eglips Natural Auto Eyebrow brush! It fills in, defines, and shapes brows to perfection. With an ultra-fine tip, it lightly deposits pigments in your brows — which makes it great at mimicking actual brow hair for a natural look.

The ‘auto’ part of its name refers to the fact that it doesn’t need sharpening, unlike other eyebrow pencils! Plus, this gentle and moisturising eyebrow pencil contains natural plant wax ingredients such as rosehip oil and Vitamin E to keep your brows healthy and happy.

The best part? It spreads evenly and dries quickly, making it perfect for on-the-go use!


By Wishtrend Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask

No skincare routine is complete without a mask! This Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask fully delivers all the nutrients your skin needs, all while enhancing the effects of vitamins in the mask!

What vitamins does the mask contain? Going by it’s name, plenty of them — with all natural Vitamin C extract, along with Bosung Camellia sinensis, known as Green Tea in laymen terms! With its high levels of catechin and vitamin E within the polyphenol constituents, this mask effectively aids in the calming, hydrating, and nourishing of the skin to rejuvenate and restore healthy, beautiful skin.

This sheet mask is designed to increase the effects of vitamin serums with a natural, soothing formula and is absolutely free of irritants for safe use by anyone and everyone. In fact, its simple ingredients and light texture provide gentle care for sensitive skin while filling up the inner layers of the skin with moisture and vitamins.


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