Not So Basic White Tee

Just as the little black dress deserves its holy grail spot in your closet, so does the plain white tee. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, because that’s exactly what makes it the most versatile piece of clothing for your everyday wear. There are countless different types of white t-shirts out there – each one giving you a different vibe. Whether you’re feeling grungy street or delicate femme, there’s definitely one suited for your FAB mood.


A v-neck version of the plain white tee is one of the most effortlessly stylish pieces you could own. Match it with a pair of ripped and distressed jeans, plus some hot boots, and you instantly get cooler-than-everyone appeal. Top it off with your trusty bag and perhaps a sassy hat, then you’re good to strut out the door!


To achieve this casual and relaxed look, you can rock this v-neck plain white tee from SugarCube, which has the perfect loose fit to complement most body types! You can also check out this button-down blouse from S.D. – which we see as an upgraded, more feminine version of the plain white tee. The light material, along with the draping sleeves, make it perfect for Singapore’s perennial tropical weather.

V-neck plain white tee; SugarCube

Button-down blouse; S.D.


Sometimes, a simple manipulation on the plain white tee is all it takes to make it stand out! Tying up your shirt in the middle or side of your torso will give it a cropped look that can nicely accentuate your curves. Accessorise with a cosy cardigan to emulate girl-next-door charm.


This lightweight Bertha Front-Tie Crop Top from Purpur was such a pleasant surprise! No more struggles in tying a shirt knot, this one comes with loose ends specifically meant for that purpose. The bat-wing/kimono style cut also makes it very unique yet flattering for all.

Bertha Front-Tie Crop Top; Purpur


There’s nothing more classic than a crew-neck plain white tee. Despite the low-key look, it can actually be very chic – even for office wear! Wear it in contrast to an all-black outfit and you’re sure to rank high on the style points. No matter the season, black and white accessories can make you well put-together.


It’s not difficult to find a basic white t-shirt, but we’re particularly loving the classic crew-neck from Bossini which is thicker than your average. Not only it's perfect for layering, it also goes well with any pair of denim and a blazer.

Another gem we found in S.D. is the square-neck plain white tee. This retro neckline adds feminine vibes to simple cotton T-shirt suitable for Casual Friday.

Classic crew-neck;Bossini

Square-neck Top; S.D.

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