Werking the Dad Fashion from Bad Vibes to Dad Vibes

Step aside Hollywood celebs and local influencers, DADS are now the new style icon in town!

While that might seem like a bad dad joke, but for the first time, dad might actually be right. There’s no telling where it started, but Dad Fashion blew up to be one of the biggest trends in 2018 and continues to dominate the Spring/Summer runways of 2019. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to get on a bus or train without seeing both males and females sporting the look.

So, what exactly does it take to achieve that effortless, retro vibe that your dad has been wearing before it was cool? Here are some FAB tips that can help you go from bad vibes to dad vibes.


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Not all oversized collared shirts will make the cut for the FAB DAD LOOK. First of all, the print needs to be reminiscent of the 90’s – think stripes of different thickness or bold colour blocks. Secondly, the colour should be washed out. Last but not least, the texture must be a bit worn-in, soft and stretched, as if your dad has actually been wearing it every Sunday since your 8th birthday.


Whether it’s plain or printed – keep your pants high! The key is to choose pants that have a straight cut, instead of tapered to the end. This balances out the oversized top, pulling together the look instead of making it look sloppy.

Bonus tip: pants that are cut off above the ankle give the illusion of longer legs and therefore makes you look taller!

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Bless Steve Jobs who first showed us the potential of dad trainers. From the runways of Balenciaga to the shelves of Cotton On, this trend has spread like wildfire, stomping on everyone who thinks it’s ridiculous.

Like oversized collared shirts, there are also a few attributes to differentiate between average chunky sneakers and trendy dad trainers. First rule of thumb: pick an OG brand such as New Balance, Nike, Fila, and Reebok instead of a hype brand. Another thing to consider is the usage of clashing colours instead of a pair that matches the rest of your outfit to bring out the rebellious dad attitude.


When it comes to dad fashion, it’s not about having big and flashy accessories. It’s about minimal accents such as vintage-inspired bomber jacket or classic baseball cap. Be creative with the textures on your bag or belt, or even the length of your socks. More importantly, always keep on your dad swag to pull off the FAB DAD LOOK entirely.

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