Capitaland Giving Marketplace 2019

Food and Beverage

*Cash Terms Preferred




Bakery Hearts by AMKFSC

Date: 20 August & 21 August

Bakery Hearts is a training programme that aims to support women from low-income families to re-integrate to work through building up their social and baking skills.





(No Pork No Lard)

Banana Muffins

Brownie Slices

Coconut Tarts

Chocolate Chips Cookies with Nuts




(Certified Halal)

East Bali Cashews 30g (assorted)

East Bali Granola Bites (assorted)

East Bali Cashews Popcorn (assorted)






East Bali Cashews

Date: 20 August & 21 August

East Bali Cashews focuses on an entirely sustainable process from farmer to consumer. They believe in giving back to the community in Bali through the building schools and supporting of families - bringing together a humanitarian practice that connects the entire community.






Cookies (assorted)

Chocolates (assorted)

Cupuacus (assorted)

Association for Persons with Special Needs

Date: 20 August & 21 August

Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) is one of the biggest organizations providing special education and vocational training for persons with mild intellectual disability (IQ 50-70). At APSN Centre for Adults, our trainees hone their baking skills via the enterprise programme to be work-ready. Support their labour of love! These goodies are handcrafted by your special friends from APSN.




Oven Baked Pastas

Shepherd Pies

Homemade Pastas

Healthy Choice Quinoa Meals








My Nonna's

Date: 20 August & 21 August

My Nonna's is a social enterprise that employs young adults with special needs, the intelletually disabled and autistic in their stalls which sell Italian food. They aim to give them training so that they can have meaningful employment cooking the most authentic Italian food in My Nonnas.








Vegetarian Fried Beehoon Set

Eggless cookies (assorted)

Eggless Brownie

Eggless Butter Cake Set

Eggless Mushroom Pie

Eggless Curry Puff




Metta Welfare Association - Metta Cafe

Date: 20 August & 21 August

METTA actively seeks to increase employment opporrtunities for METTA school graduates through comprehensive training and development with our Metta Alumni programs. The Alumni Care department comprises of Metta Cafe and Arts@Metta. Metta Cafe was established in 2014 to provide F&B vocational training for Metta School Graduates aged 18 and above, with mild intellectual disability and/or autism.





DIY Kit (Lady Fingers, Basil & Chilli)

Potted Plants

Packed Fresh Vegetables

MINDS Farmers Market

Only available at Capital Tower on 20 August

The Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) launches direct-to-community fresh vegetables specially farmed by persons with intellectual disability. MINDS Farmer’s Market is an event where pesticide-free vegetables, grown and harvested by Persons with Intellectual Disability, are open to the public to purchase them. MINDS beneficiaries are engaged in the end-to-end farming process – sowing, thinning, transplanting, and harvesting. This trains them essential life and vocational skills. This project also allowed them to experiment with a variety of vegetable crops such as Kang Kong, Bayam, Basil and Kai Lan, and understand the properties and crop cycles for different vegetables.