Our Value Proposition

  • 1

    We are one of Asia’s leading listed REIM platforms

    • Manager of 6 Listed Funds and about 30 private vehicles
    • Proven track record of double-digit historical 5Y FUM CAGR1
    • Fee-based revenue from FRB contributes to ~50% of Group’s Operating PATMI2, supported by healthy margins3

  • 2

    We have deep experience managing multi-sector assets and portfolios

    • Managing real estate assets under management of about S$130B, including more than 155K lodging units 








  • 3

    We have best-in-class operating platforms

    • Global longer-stay lodging operating platform
    • Dedicated leasing, facility and property management teams for core markets4
    • Fast evolving complementary digital platforms


  1. FY 2016 – FY 2021 CAGR of ~12%
  2. Excludes corporate and others,  as well as elimination
  3. 1H 2022 – FM EBITDA Margin of 61%
  4. Comprises of Singapore, PRC and India