CapitaLand's Sustainability Journey

Since we started our journey in 2000, we have built a firm foundation that has made our business resilient to the sustainability and economic challenges faced by the real estate industry.

  • 2023

    CLI became a signatory to Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

  • Signed the Institute of Limited Partners Association (ILPA) Diversity in Action initiative

  • ​​Held 2nd edition, CSXC 2022​ - 10 innovations chosen for piloting at selected CapitaLand properties ​

  • 2021

    Implemented internal carbon price

  • CapitaLand  Sustainability X  Challenge (CSXC)​ - Piloted 6 selected innovations at CapitaLand properties​

    Launched S$50 million CapitaLand Innovation Fund for sustainability & other high-tech solutions​

  • 2020

    Launched CapitaLand 2030 Sustainability Master Plan​

  • Launched CSXC –​1st global sustainability innovation platform by  a Singapore real estate company​

  • Integrated the Environment, Health, & Safety Impact Assessment for all  new investments​

  • 2019

    Appointed as member of ASEAN GRI Consortium

  • Pledged support for TCFD

  • 2018

    Obtained 1st & largest sustainability-linked loan in Asia's real estate sector

  • 2017

    Voluntarily aligned to Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), providing disclosures of 4 TCFD pillars in GSR (FY2016)

  • 2015

    Became signatory to United Nations Global Compact

  • 2013

    External assurance elevated to AA1000 Assurance Standard

  • 2011

    External assurance of annual GSR (FY 2010)

  • 2010

    First Singapore listed company to publish a Global Sustainability Report (GSR) (FY 2009) referencing  Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

  • 2006

    CapitaLand Green Committee formed, which spearheaded Groupwide  initiatives globally & established environment & social key performance  indicators

  • 2000

    CapitaLand started environmental & philanthropic activities reporting

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