Winners' Announcement

Congratulations to all the winners for the Spend and Win Big! 

Grand Draw  (Qualifying period from 16 Oct 2020  to 31 Dec 2021)

Official Draw: 27 Jan 2022

1st Prize Winner  - Mr Law Choon Keong

2nd Prize Winner – Ms Serene Ong Pei Koon

3rd Prize Winner – Mr Kaneto Kazuomi

4th Prize Winner – Mr Tan Jun Yeow

5th Prize Winner – Ms Shang Jiun Wong

6th Prize Winner – Mr Nicholas Liow

7th Prize Winner – Ms Ruby Hii

8th Prize Winner – Ms Angeline Lum

9th Prize Winner – Ms Song LeiLei

10th Prize Winner – Mr Abdul Manan Bin Jamaluddin

11th Prize Winner – Ms Yoke Mui Seah

Draw 5  (Qualifying period from 1 Oct to 31 Dec 2021)

Official Draw: 21 Jan 2022

1st Prize Winner  - Ms Yew Gek Ngo Pacilline

2nd Prize Winner – Mr Jain Nitin (Nitin Jain)

3rd Prize Winner – Ms Lovene Kang

4th Prize Winner – Mr Rui Yang Ivan Ho

5th Prize Winner – Mr Mun Hong Yew

6th Prize Winner – Ms Agnes Ho 

7th Prize Winner – Ms Bee Yieng Ong

8th Prize Winner – Ms Su CaiHuang

9th Prize Winner – Mr Jaye Seow

10th Prize Winner – Mr Lim Eng Lye

11th Prize Winner – Mr Hiang Kai Lau

Draw 4  (Qualifying period from 1 Jul to 30 Sep 2021)

Official Draw: 25 Nov 2021

1st Prize Winner  - Ms Diyanawati Binte Abdul Malik

2nd Prize Winner – Mr Ong Yew Hian

3rd Prize Winner – Ms Aya Yusoff

4th Prize Winner – Ms Yim Jin Mee

5th Prize Winner – Mr Joshua Lim

6th Prize Winner – Ms Yenny Mernando

7th Prize Winner – Ms Gan Sok Fun

8th Prize Winner – Ms Nina Ng 

9th Prize Winner – Mr Saw Cheng Boon

10th Prize Winner – Ms Low Ee San

11th Prize Winner – Ms Louisa Hwang

Draw 3  (Qualifying period from 1 Apr to 30 Jun 2021)

Official Draw: 23 Jul 2021

1st Prize Winner  - Ms Chua Lan Ping

2nd Prize Winner – Ms Liew Sun Sun

3rd Prize Winner – Ms Lim Shi Ying

4th Prize Winner – Mr Swee Kheng Ko

5th Prize Winner – Ms Chee Yiek Tshin

6th Prize Winner – Ms Nge Wan Kee

7th Prize Winner – Ms Ng Mew

8th Prize Winner – Mr Chung Choon Sian

9th Prize Winner – Ms Goh Shi Wei (Wu ShiWei)

10th Prize Winner – Ms Marianne Cheang

11th Prize Winner – Ms Chugani Mukti

Draw 2 (Qualifying period from 1 Jan to 31 Mar 2021)

Official Draw: 23 Apr 2021

1st Prize Winner  - Ms. Connie Yeo 

2nd Prize Winner - Ms. Ang Sir Fong

3rd Prize Winner - Ms. Lam Lee Ling 

4th Prize Winner - Ms. Lam Fung Cheung

5th Prize Winner - Ms. Sally Ming Suit Lai 

6th Prize Winner - Ms. Yeo Lee Na 

7th Prize Winner - Mr David Lee Yeow Wee 

8th Prize Winner - Ms. Tay Limin

9th Prize Winner - Ms. Liang Shaofen

10th Prize Winner - Ms. Sheryn Lee 

11th Prize Winner - Mr. Mohamed Darwis Bin Omar

Draw 1 (Qualifying period from 16 Oct 2020 to 31 Dec 2020)

Official Draw: 22 January 2021

1st Prize Winner  - Ms. Lim Gek Hong 

2nd Prize Winner - Ms. Serene Ang 

3rd Prize Winner - Ms. Herawati Suzianty 

4th Prize Winner - Mr. Khiu Chuang Fok 

5th Prize Winner - Mr. Alvin Tan Guan Poh 

6th Prize Winner - Ms. Sandy Lai 

7th Prize Winner - Ms. Ho Soke Yoong Amy 

8th Prize Winner - Mr. Lester Ng Peck Joo 

9th Prize Winner - Ms. Tao Jiaqi 

10th Prize Winner - Ms. Chan Swee Chern 

11th Prize Winner - Ms. Yap Lee Chin