CapitaLand's Global Sustainability Innovation Platform

Launched in 2020, the CapitaLand Sustainability X Challenge (CSXC) is a global platform to advance innovation and collaboration in sustainability within the built environment. Through the CSXC, CapitaLand aims to source for emerging solutions/technologies globally to solve sustainability challenges impacting our business and accelerate our progress to meet our 2030 Sustainability Master Plan targets.   

As one of Asia’s largest diversified real estate groups, CapitaLand places sustainability at the core of everything we do. We believe in growing our business in a sustainable manner to create long-term value for our investors and improve the economic and social well-being of our communities. CapitaLand’s 2030 Sustainability Master Plan is centred around these three themes:

  • BUILD Portfolio Resilience & Resource Efficiency
  • ENABLE Thriving and Future-Adaptive Communities
  • ACCELERATE Sustainability Innovation & Collaboration

Capitaland Sustainability X Challenge 2022 is powered by Plug and Play

Plug and Play’s core objective is to catalyze technological advancement.

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Corporations, startups and VCs can get in touch here:


CapitaLand 2030 Sustainability Master Plan

In 2020, we launched our 2030 Sustainability Master Plan with ambitious goals to build a resilient and resource efficient  portfolio, enable thriving and future-adaptive communities, and accelerate sustainability innovation and collaboration.   

The Master Plan is CapitaLand’s blueprint which outlines the ambitious goals we have set for ourselves for the next decade. We are committed to working collaboratively with our stakeholders towards these common goals as we overcome the significant challenges of the coming decade and enhance our sustainability efforts. 

Through the power of collective action, we want to be part of a common purpose to create a sustainable future for all.  The CapitaLand Sustainability X Challenge is one of our pathways in the Sustainability Master Plan under the theme: ACCELERATE Sustainability Innovation and Collaboration.  We invite you to read the CapitaLand 2030 Sustainability Master Plan here